Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Good News in Darfur

During this Christmas season, our prayers should be with our fellow Christian brothers and sisters in Sudan who are, and who have been for years, subject to death and torture by their Muslim enemies. Yes, George Clooney and the chic Hollywood elite are right: if ever there was an appropriate job for the United Nations, saving Darfur is a textbook case. So I invite Mr. Clooney to step up to the plate as an Ambassador. (Perhaps he can take a page from Angie Jolie’s book.) It will be a shame, however, to watch him beat his handsome head against the wall while trying to get the U.N. to do something... anything. If the persistent and capable John Bolton couldn’t please our political experts in Hollywood, I invite someone...anyone to try to fill his shoes.

So what is the good news, you might be wondering, about Darfur? Well, for all of you Blackhawk Down fans, you can look forward to Sudan inspiring an equally frustrating sequel. Blackhawk Down II will be based on the UN’s (pending) resolution to send American troops into a turbulent, hopelessly violent region to work miracles while they are simultaneously abandoned with no support from the folks who voted them into the mess in the first place. Here’s the movie plot in a nutshell. The UN will try to establish peacekeeping operations in Darfur but will screw up everything. The US military will bail them out, as always; UN Peacekeeping missions are never effective, you see. The cliffhanger question is, will our guys be handcuffed with restrictions that spell failure in the same way as in past dealings with the UN? Watch Blackhawk Down II and find out for yourself.

(Hint: The sexy "Save Darfur" slogan can then be swapped out for "USA Can Crash and Burn", with our dear friends in China leading the chants.)

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Media Lizzy said...

Amen, Sister. Having friends who actually SERVED in The Mog, Somalia... I bet they would agree. The UN troops didn't do a damn thing during that mission.

Oh, wait - they served TEA to our guys in the Pakistani Soccer Stadium AFTER 18 of our men had been senselessly murdered by lunatics high on Khat. Lunatic that converted to Islam... what a peace loving group of crazies.

Black Hawk Down II definitely awaits the UN in Darfur. I just hope it isn't our guys running point.