Monday, June 11, 2007

I'd like half an order of Thompson and half an order of Huckabee, with a side of Ron Paul, please.

A friend's blog recently made the case for Huckabee triumphing over Thompson as an appropriate candidate. This was my response.

"Would you support a Thompson / Huckabee ticket?

"I like Mike a lot, but I wonder (like Erik Brown says) if he might be too nice to be president in this day and age. The strongest thing that Thompson has in common with Reagan is that the people are asking him to run. They are begging him to run. Face it, an awesome man like Mike Huckabee is still a second tier candidate unable to get any of the swing vote by nature of his unknown name. Thompson is a stubborn man who will not change his beliefs for anybody. He is resolute. This might make him unfair at times, unlike Reagan who had a strong spine, a soft heart and a sense of justice. But in this day and age we don't need a flip-flopper like many of the other top candidates. We don't need someone who will sell our morals down the river when it comes to a vote. Everyone makes mistakes in personal relationships...(regarding Thompson's failed marriage of 26 years). Do these marks on our records keep us from our political aspirations? Hardly. Nor should they.

"I haven't researched Mike too much, but I would like to know his position on the border and immigration. Also, does he have the ability to make the right things happen on that?

"The only thing I have against Thompson...and it's something that every other candidate except Ron Paul shares in that he is a globalist. I have faced the fact that any way the race falls, we will get another globalist in office, just like the Bushes two and Clinton. The lone detractor in this go-round is Ron Paul, and many sadly consider him to be a looney. If I can't get someone in there to immediately tighten the borders, protect our sovereignty, and abolish the IRS, my hope is that Thompson puts his hat in the ring and gives true conservatives someone to vote for who can WIN."

What say you, reader?

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