Monday, November 03, 2008

If Obama wins, I'm moving to...

...yeah. That's right. Alaska. Or at least Houston. Streisand ain't the only female around these parts who can make idle relocation threats! (We're still waiting for her to move to Canada...right?)

Also, thanks to the talented Benito Segovia for taking my slogan and designing so brilliantly.

Sarah Palin,Benito Segovia

Now, if Obama wins, here are the ten things I am planning to do on Wednesday morning:

10. Buy all of the .38 special ammo my local gunstore currently has in stock.

9. Track down the AR-15 that was recently given to me...if I can find it (it was stolen from a friend and recovered by the police at the scene of a crime).

8. Figure out how to fire an AR-15 accurately. And get ammo for it.

7. Sell off 95% of my possessions, except my guns, ammo, and other things that will keep me alive.

6. Write goodbye notes to all of my Republican "friends" and try to not let them smack with too much "I told you so..."

5. Pack my "to go" bags.

4. Pick up my new passport. Hit it with a hammer. Then, throw it in my "to go" bag.

3. Get new shoes for my horse.

2. Saddle my horse and load up the "to go" bags.

1. Ride north. Way north. North to Alaska.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Encouraging Quote by a Great Man

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -- John Quincy Adams

It is with this in mind that I will choose to watch the upcoming third party presidential debate.

The debate is tonight at the historic Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C., where I stayed one year ago this month. (Debate schedule: Thursday, October 23, at 9:00 PM ET / 8:00 PM Texas time.)

C-SPAN will cover the debate, hopefully live.

Early voting in Texas has begun, so vote your conscience and stick to your principles, all the way down the ballot. Remember that your vote is your endorsement of that candidate, and one day you might get a chance to shake their hand and look in their eye. This is what I think about when I vote--who would I most like to support if we were face to face?

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"I'm gonna punch your lights out!" A Tale of US Economy Woe Revenge

"Lehman CEO Reportedly Punched In Face At Gym

Attack Allegedly Happened Shortly After Bankruptcy News Broke
POSTED: 10:41 am EDT October 7, 2008
UPDATED: 11:50 am EDT October 7, 2008

Lehman Bros. CEO Richard S. Fuld Jr. was reportedly attacked at the company gym shortly after it was announced that the 158-year-old company was going bankrupt last month, according to CNBC and The Telegraph of London.

The Telegraph, sourcing CNBC, said "two very senior sources - one incredibly senior source" had confirmed the rumors of the attack.

According to reports, Fuld was running on the treadmill when a man who was pumping iron in the corner of the gym came over and knocked him out cold.

Further details about the alleged attack were not immediately available.

Fuld sat for a two-hour-plus grilling before the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Monday as the panel combed through his pay history, management practices and financial strategies.

"You made all this money by taking risks with other people's money," Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., the panel's chairman, said. "The system worked for you, but it didn't seem to work for the rest of the country and the taxpayers, who now have to pay $700 billion to bail out our economy."

A subdued Fuld opened his testimony declaring, "I take full responsibility for the decisions that I made and for the actions that I took," but he conceded no errors or misjudgments in the chaotic period that led to the firm's bankruptcy.

And he said a compensation system that he estimated paid him about $350 million between 2000 and 2007 even as the company headed for disaster was appropriate.
"We had a compensation committee that spent a tremendous amount of time making sure that the interests of the executives and the employees were aligned with shareholders," Fuld said.

Distributed by Internet Broadcasting Systems, Inc. The Associated Press contributed to this report. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed."

PatriotWriter's Note: Ron Paul is reported to have commented on the bailout situation and the failures of the Federal Reserve, "I told you so."

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hijackers pilot the GOP, American Liberty is first casualty

"There is no question that if one were to ask whether we Americans are moving toward more liberty or more government control over our lives, the answer would unambiguously be the latter – more government control over our lives. We might have reached a point where the trend is irreversible, and that is a true tragedy for if liberty is lost in America, it will be lost for all times and all places." - Walter E. Williams

I have been reading lately about the history of the Republican Party and its players. The hijacking of the GOP is nearly complete, and completely obvious to anyone who dares investigate. People with conservative principles have been systematically weeded out, if not completely destroyed. Promoted within the GOP are those weak-starred boot-licking generals consumed by a lust for personal power at all costs. They are experts at kissing ass and standing up for nothing.

Most of the GOP Hijackers' supporting crew have never pondered the proper role of government or any truly conservative principle. They care not for matters of liberty. They fall in line with the head puppetmasters--folks like GW, Rove, McCain, and Cheney--and salivate eagerly for any scrap of perceived power, or even just an "atta boy" from someone higher up on the political ladder. These spineless sergeants of the New GOP hold office at all levels in every state. It wouldn't occur to them to oppose big government legislation or shifts away from liberty because they don't operate based on a set of well-defined positions. The only position they understand is their current standing in the hierarchy on the ladder of power, and their lust for altitude.

The result for rank and file American patriots? We will only ever have the choice of two positions: kneel or fight.

Monday, September 08, 2008

John Stossel asked me, "Do looks matter?"

Here are my thoughts on that...

Of course, looks matter. We have a celebrity culture and a very shallow electorate. Right now, nearly half of American voters are ready to elect as President a good-looking, younger man because he happens to be only 50% Caucasian. I doubt that very many of his supporters are able to articulate how even one of his policy ideas would impact the nation.

On the other ticket, we have a very beautiful Vice Presidential nominee who will attract a lot of those shallow voters, as well. I think that’s one of the big reasons why she was chosen! However, Gov. Palin is truly beautiful for what she stands for—and she is not a decoration. She is not a “gimmick”. She is not a “narrative”. The wild card with Palin is not that she was “unknown”, it’s that she is the real deal, across the board conservative. She is a champion of the taxpayer. She promotes transparency in government. She fights waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer dollars and challenges the status quo. These traits are in every fiber of her being and they won’t go away when she gets to Washington.

It should be noted that even if Hillary Clinton looked exactly like Sarah Palin, she would still have worn a pantsuit on that stage and would still be ugly—because it’s what’s inside that counts. What’s inside both Hillary and Obama is 100% Socialism.

I think McCain got more pitbull than he bargained for with Palin. I am looking forward to her keeping his administration in check on the real issues that affect Americans. (Can anybody say tax cuts? Gun rights? Freedom of speech for non-profits? McCain opposes these things.) If Palin’s gorgeous packaging is what opens the big White doors for this fine grassroots born and raised reformist, I’ll be the first to admit it. And more power to her. Pass the lipstick.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Wacky Ron Paul Movement's "Cliff Notes" by Barry Goldwater, Jr.

More than 11,000 people from all 50 states and at least a dozen other nations gathered at the Rally for the Republic held in Minneapolis on September 2. The sheer number of media present was astounding. As I walked the floor I was stopped and interviewed by a German TV crew who flew in just to cover the event. A Vanity Fair writer also spoke with me at length, although I got the distinct impression that he was there to figure out how to achieve his predetermined angle on a story already written, if only just in his head, about an event that had not yet begun. To be fair and since I don't believe in "thought crimes" charged by hasty judgments, please allow me to retract my previous assumption and replace it with a more palatable, "The Vanity Fair writer I spoke with was polite, young, hip, polished, and mum--all of those things you want in a hired gun columnist. Why? Because it's disarming."

Please check out the three minute Cliff Notes explanation of the wacky extremist movement chaired by Ron Paul, as brought to you by his fellow member of Congress (ret.) Barry Goldwater, Jr.

Goldwater introduced Congressman Paul at the Rally, and to thunderous applause--the vibrations of which will be felt for decades to come.

Editor's Note: These folks aren't going away. And it's the waste-of-oxygen, tax-and-spend, bloated "legislation is the answer" cry-baby boomers in both parties that best be watching their backs. The "Old Right" is back in vogue, and this time they're armed with both pitchforks and muskets. It is worth noting that they are now very well-versed in fighting techniques since the 50-state war was declared on them by the GOP leaders at the county, district, state, and national convention levels in 2008. Come January, I would be very afraid of losing my personal power in the Republican Party if I was one of their empty-headed cheerleaders. A shockingly limited government is not only the answer to our nation's woes--it's the demand of a million+ proud new members of the Old Right.

This million member strong movement is just barely a week old. It has nothing to do with a candidate, so you can stop sympathizing with McCain's endangering-his-election heart palpitations. This brand new movement is now about millions of new leaders and millions of reforms--reforms at the county, district, state, and national levels.

More laws and more government regulations + less accountability to the taxpayers are NOT Republican values. If you don't understand what I am talking about then you don't belong in the Republican Party anymore--especially in a professional capacity. I hear the Socialist Party is taking new hires this time of year.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Is "The Next Reagan" a Woman: Sarah Palin?

Flashback: C-Span coverage of the Alaska Governor's Debate - November 2, 2006. I caught it on a channel-surfing fluke and stayed to learn more about Alaska politics. When Republican incumbent-beating Sarah Palin, small town mayor, opened her mouth I was stunned. So impressed. I agreed with everything she said. She was poised, polished, and perfect on every point. Then I did my research on her and found out she was born and later educated in my homestate of Idaho. Another connection. When she won the governor's race, I could not believe it. I sent her a note of congratulations immediately. Had she a larger staff perhaps I might have heard back from her. haha.

I never would have guessed in my wildest dreams that McCain would actually put her on the ticket. I was very vocal about my decision to not vote for McCain unless he chose her. Three weeks ago I flapped my gums to Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams as such. I told him I thought that was the only way McCain would win and she was the only person who could inspire all of the GOP burnouts like myself. I thought I was safely in the camp of a protest vote come November.

I have to say I am so impressed with whatever visionary advisors McCain hired that whispered to him the name Sarah Palin. Perhaps they even fought for her against the conventional wisdom. We all know this election, complete with the influence of new media, is not politics as usual anymore. Whatever the situation, my hat is off to the McCain strategists who picked her. It was a brave move. It was the right move. And they have done more than possibly win the election. They might possibly have changed the direction of our country. The grassroots just went from wilted to electrified. They are fired up for issue reform. The vehicle, surprisingly, is the McCain machine.

If they ease off the heavy-handed tactics they and GOP establishment elitists use on the limited government, Goldwater conservatives in the party, we will have unity not just for an election cycle, but for the duration of our effort to restore this nation.

RE: my headline--John McCain may have just accidentally made "the next Reagan" possible--and it's not him!

Monday, September 01, 2008

McCain is still fighting the war within (the GOP) Tries to block Goldwaters from RNC.

It doesn't have to be this way. I wish it wasn't. But it is. The GOP elite are to blame for the continued exclusion of the truly conservative members of the Republican party. The bad attitudes and rudeness are not just being sported by the low level GOP cheerleaders. No, some of the entrenched "leadership" is outright condescending toward both the new blood in the party AND the Old Right's old guard. Yes, the "Old Right" is still being systematically kicked aside even though the moneyed New Right got their man McCain's name on the yard signs for November.

I'm not here to name names and demonize a few, although that would be best for this blog's ratings. I don't think that tactic will result in the unity that is so needed. So I'm not going to tell you which foot soldiers did what. Top of the ticket is fair game in my book though so here's the scoop.

Barry Goldwater, Jr., son of Mr. Conservative--the founder of the modern conservative movement--called McCain's office to get credentials for the convention. The former Congressman and his family are in town and wanted to be involved in the RNC Convention, if only as observers. McCain said no to the initial request for passes. Why? Because Goldwater is one of those dreadful "Ron Paul supporters"--the equivalent of a town leper. Allegedly McCain dangled the endorsement carrot in exchange for passes. Goldwater, a man with an iron spine, refused to give his endorsement. Then the bargaining turned to money--a ridiculous amount for each pass. The Goldwaters just laughed and refused to pay. Eventually they won out and got a few begrudged complimentary passes.

Any way you slice it, McCain's sudden rise from the primary ashes is fishy, at best. When I met him in October, he was petty and cranky. His campaign was floundering financially and he was at the bottom of the pack. Fiscal conservatives annoyed him; that much was obvious. But then he caught a break, a big break. Donald Bren of the Irvine Company joined many other top donors and helped to spearhead a massive fundraising drive. They issued letters to all clients instructing them to "max out for McCain" and, presumably, the ones who did continued to get contracts in California and around the world. Suddenly the brains behind McCain-Feingold campaign finance "reform" was 2008's "It Boy" for real estate moguls and their buddies. Super PACs are becoming kingmakers.

Inside the RNC, the atmosphere resembles a prison camp. If one looks past the Palin fever electrifying the majority of attendees and listens to the stories of the younger delegates, shocking tales abound. The McCain team has hundreds of private security people roving the inside of the arena. They wear red baseball caps and Secret Service-style radio earpieces. They listen in on media interviews and lecture those who don't produce Team McCain's soundbites on cue. They demand to see the contents of certain delegates' purses, confiscate material that is unrelated to the McCain campaign, and regulate restroom breaks. Their behavior reaches the pinnacle of absurdity. One groups of delegates took a photo with a giant blue flag that merely said "Liberty" and it was promptly confiscated by Team McCain, the delegates lectured and intimidated, and their personal belongings searched. Private security even refused a sitting Congressman access to the convention floor for fear he would lead a mutiny. (Ron Paul, of course.)

As far as I can tell, this struggle goes back to 1960s with Rockefeller vs. Goldwater. The Rockefeller faction is alive and well, having made a pact with the hordes of Southern Democrats they brought to the GOP in the Reagan era. Their agreement? Social issue leaders will always have a seat at the table as long as they maintain unwavering support for the big government, pro-war candidates. This is the military-industrial complex and uninformed citizenry Eisenhower warned us about. It is amusing to see how much Karl Rove and his cronies personally despise the Goldwaters, for instance. Bad blood goes back for decades. Now the GOP leaders are afraid a revolution might be brewing to take back the party, as we did in 1964. They are desperately trying to squash an uprising.

Moral of the story: there is still a war within the GOP and it will tear the party apart if it continues. With a moderate like McCain on the ticket, we cannot afford to have an entire party of robots in blind compliance. If we do not stand up and do what is right, what is truly in the interests of the Old School Conservative movement, what have we gained?

With Sarah Palin on the ticket, I may vote for a dishonest opportunist named McCain. But I'm not going to kiss his feet and sign off on everything he does. I hope Palin won't either. Kudos to the Goldwaters for remaining true to their principles. Shame on McCain and his devotees for continuing to wage the war within. It will be the death of the GOP if they continue.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

"States Rights" + Barry Goldwater Jr. Speaks in St. Paul--Undeterred by Gulf Coast Storm

While George, Dick, and John are in some bunker watching the Weather Channel (and not appearing as scheduled at the RNC) Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr. addressed members of the Texas delegation and others. In fact, come to think of it, it's basically just the people who are intent on restoring our republic who showed up to speak in MN. Those who intend to position themselves for best media advantage this week, despite not being the Governor of a Gulf Coast state, are ambulance chasing somewhere along Gustaf's predicted landfall. At this very moment, "the boys" are with Geraldo in the heart of the danzer zone--that tiny area between Port Aransas, TX and Miami, FL.

I really don't see why a nation's president sees fit to interfere with the operation of a state's response to a predicted weather-related threat. Oh yeah--maybe it's to give beefy FEMA something to pre-emptively do. I thought the states' governors were left with the decision on whether or not to issue a distress call to Washington in the event of a real or predicted emergency. It seems all Washington does these days is volunteer their help on our dime. It seems all Washington does these days is assert themselves where they are not wanted or needed and make themselves scarce when it comes to decisions that truly are in their jurisdiction.

I don't think Governor Palin would take too kindly to FEMA announcing their arrival en masse into Alaska, giving her a token salute, and then advising her of their mission in her state*. Kudos to Governor Perry for his handling of the storm preparations. That is precisely his job!

States' rights. That's all I'm sayin'. Got it, Gustaf?

I will laugh if the storm just totally dies out before landfall and all of the ruined plans and aggravated delegates were over nothing. If McCain loses the election because he didn't bother to run the scheduled convention this week, he deserves it. The thousands of members of the state delegations and their guests are the ones being inconvenienced by this Weather Alert in a distant land. many of them paid their own way here. Do you think FEMA will reimburse them for their trouble and then park some outrageously priced metal trailers in St. Paul "in case" the convention goes a few days too long and the hotels throw us out for outstaying our welcome and their availability?

There's another kind of water that is causing quite a ruckus at the RNC. It's worth mentioning that when Barry arrived at a party across town and was introduced from the microphone, the whole place erupted in chanting: "Bear-ree! Bear-ree!" Perhaps there are still some folks-God bless 'em!-left in politics who properly care for their conservative conscience.

States' rights! That's all I'm sayin".

Twin Cities: Eyewitness Account of the War Zone (RNC Convention pre-game)

Familiar faces in the Minneapolis airport were all smiles today. Police were everywhere making the "good guys" feel more safe and making the bad guys scarce.

I've been following the anarchists on Twitter. For some reason they let "PatriotWriter" in on their evil plans. Their whole goal is to get arrested for disruption and violence so they can claim police brutality. They have many lawyers on site to get them right back out again.

All I can hear from my room on the riverfront is helicopters. It really does sound like a war zone. Unfortunately, Anarchists vs. GOP isn't the only war waging in the Twin Cities.

Apparently the establishment Republicans, the GOP elitists, the anti-Ron Paul contingent is still bitter that anyone dared challenge their heavy-handed--even illegal--exclusionary tactics leading up to this day. They are still on guard. On edge. Suspicious. I've heard several very negative things already in a matter of an hour here--and from folks in leadership positions in the party.

The son of Mr. Conservative himself will be in our hotel lobby bar tonight signing copies of what should be the GOP Bible: "The Conscience of a Conservative". I've mentioned it to most people I (hang on...just taking a call from Barry himself. King of good timing.) have seen and actually got this response, "We're staying as far away from that as possible. There will be too many Ron Paul people there."

Now, that's a heck of an attitude to have towards these happy young, energetic, solid conservatives. It seems to me that if the GOP is going to avoid extinction, it needs to embrace new blood--even if that means the "new blood" totally schools them in what it means to be a conservative and a member of the Old Right. The only way we can be successful is if the old guard embraces the new blood--and they most certainly are not. I've seen very poor attitudes here. Very elitist.

We have three wars on our hands this week: Anarchists vs. Republicans, Establishment vs. Ron Paul, and Old vs. Young. (I thought it was supposed to be Republicans vs. Democrats, not Republicans vs. each other.) All I know for sure is that the Young will be the victors in their war. We are more conservative than the baby boomers who are ruining our country and polluting our party. Fortunately, they'll all eventually be dead. Oh yeah--and we have Sarah Palin on our team. They just think they do. :)

This is KJ signing off from the war doesn't have to be this way. It just is. Stay tuned for more updates!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Breaking: Sneaking past the Old Media & the Old Congress to drill for Americans.

They say you never know what revolutionaries will surface to bring reform until the hemorrhaging is great. (Well, "they" don't really say that. I made that up.) But this is true:

According to Congressman John Culberson, we are at a turning point. The popular mandate to "Drill Here, Drill Now" may prove to be the issue that changes the way the will of the people is heard by decisionmakers. The D.C. "Old Media" won't touch the real story coming out of Pelosi's pranksters' latest assault on America. Culberson just reported the following to his band of faithful followers on (all times are Central)

11:10 p.m. Sunday "I will be back on the House floor tomorrow at 10am with others asking the Speaker to call the house back for a vote to drill here drill now!"

11:11 p.m. Sunday "We would ask the Pres to call Congress into special session but the Senate used a sneaky trick to prevent this - they are still in session."

11:13 p.m. Sunday "Senate is in 'pro forma session' for 5 minutes every day all summer to stop the Pres from calling a special session to drill here drill now."

11:16 p.m. Sunday "Utterly and blindly biased old media DC press corps will not tell you these things. I will happily help new media absorb and eliminate old media."

The hemorrhaging has not yet started for Americans on this issue. Right now, outrageous energy prices are inconvenient and some folks are feeling real pain. But not most folks. Not yet. It will get worse before it gets better, but we must have a plan in place to get it better when we hit that proverbial wall.

In the meantime, what can an average person like you do about it?
Online. In person. With your friends. With your enemies.

We can bring reform to a nation that has lost its way by uniting (online and offline) on this issue and demanding, through new media, that we drill for oil domestically using our reserves. For you new media junkies out there: our task at hand is tweet.

**Note: Cong. Culberson will forever hold the record for first Twitter post from the U.S. House floor. He's a technology pioneer compared to the old guard in Congress!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

One tall refreshing drink of AuH2O, please.

He said, "Just call me Barry." And so we did.

At the RightOnline Summit in Austin last weekend, the son of Mr. Conservative himself proved to be a wonderful ally on limited government issues, a humble patriot and man of the people, and a fantastic friend with a wicked sense of humor. Barry Goldwater Jr. was endearing and polite, but not afraid to crack a few jokes. My favorite was one he pulled on me as we walked through the lobby together after his speech. Goldwater: "It's such a fine night, and I packed my swimsuit. I think I might go for a dip in the pool!" Me: "That does sound nice. I brought mine too, but I find that every time I pack my swimsuit I never end up using it." He instantly responded with, "Oh you NAUGHTY girl!"

And so it began, my love affair with Barry. He will always be my hero. He does not hesitate to call it like it is, even when his opinion might be unpopular. Men with spines that strong are rare these days. Here are some quotes from him at dinner:

"Some of you remember when we had a conscience of a conservative. Let me remind you that a conservative is one who seeks to expand individual liberty and resists accumulation of power by those who claim they know best."

"A conservative Republican Party took over Congress in the 90s with their Contract with America, promising change, limited government, and reform. It was dubbed a 'revolution' because it ended 40 years of continuous Democrat domination. Within a decade, the Republicans (with the help of our President) became everything that they had campaigned against, and were soundly booted out of Congress. Today, burdened by internal divisions and a discredited President, who I question whether he knows what a conservative is, the Republicans are in retreat. There’s a somewhat listless attitude, a defeated morale, a lack of confidence. Facing an uncertain future, conservatives are looking back to their iconic leaders: William F. Buckley, Ronald Reagan, and Barry Goldwater for direction, and perhaps inspiration."

“Early in our nation’s history, people like my great-grandfather didn’t expect the government to wipe their nose or raise their children. They did not ask the government for anything except to leave them alone to build their own empire as they envisioned it. They valued hard work, which was rewarded with satisfaction and pride. Instead of feeling entitled to free stuff, they felt thankful to be free.”

Regarding his dad's sense of humor: “He once said, ‘Hubert Humphrey talked so fast it was like trying to read Playboy magazine with your wife turning the pages.’ And ‘It’s a great country where everybody can grow up to be President, except me.”

"We have an interesting time in this election, where we watch our two major candidates try to move themselves to the center. Obama’s coming to the center. McCain is coming to the center. Obama has become Bill Cosby on responsibility, George Bush on Iraq, and I think next week he’ll join Israel in attacking Iran, and opting for shooting caribou and drilling in Anwar.”

"Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater were cut from somewhat the same cloth. They were the most influential politicians advancing this conservative-libertarian philosophy in the 20th Century. There were very few conservatives prior to 1964. A fundamental key to their success of moving conservatism to the mainstream of America was their moral leadership. The Reagan Revolution was more than just tax reform and ending the Cold War. He provided leadership when it was needed. That is why we are together today, to find a common purpose, to bring all of our organizations and groups together to create a goal and a purpose, to redefine conservatism, offer positive solutions for today’s social programs, and find a leader in the mold of Reagan and Goldwater. And as Churchill once advised us, 'Never, never give up.'"

Thanks, Barry, for stopping in Austin to inspire a whole new generation of conservatives. (We can always skinny dip next time.)


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Texas Defending the American Dream New Media Summit

Join me July 18-19 at the Renaissance Austin Hotel for the groundbreaking new media and taxpayer advocacy Summit brought to us by Americans for Prosperity and RightOnline. Confirmed speakers include Michelle Malkin, Robert Novak, Barry Goldwater, Jr., and the coolest guys from the Wall Street Journal--John Fund and Stephen Moore.

Limited space is available so you should register now!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ghost employees haunt Texas legislators

While most folks are planning their summer vacations despite high gasoline prices or budgeting for their own healthcare despite high medical prices, several folks around the Great State of Texas are hunting ghosts. They've even found a few, and in the likeliest of places! I imagine the historic Texas Capitol is crawling with ragged souls unable to cross over to a great reward. Since the two oldest professions seem to have so much in common, I am sure their otherworldly deeds in the recesses of the Capitol building would be nothing short of colorful if they weren't so pathetic.

We are faced, however, with a modern day hunt for "ghost employees" of the state. You may have read about it already--people scattered around the country on the Texas payroll doing who knows what while getting great full-time employee benefits. This story has been all over the news in Texas. Last week, the Texas Progress Council asked House Republicans to identify ghost employees. Americans for Prosperity - Texas jumped on the bandwagon and sent similar public information requests to all House Democrats. The move caused quite a reaction. Apparently the pain from these requests crosses all party lines. So, apparently, do lost souls.

Speaker Tom Craddick called the practice, “unacceptable” and said it, “violates the trust of taxpayers, and it must be stopped immediately.” It is the height of governmental abuse that while Texas taxpayers are struggling to pay their own health insurance, our own taxpayer dollars are providing benefits to those who don’t even work for us. State government should not be a welfare program for friends of legislators who feel they are entitled to state benefits!

The inquiry may heighten fear among some legislators, but if they’re spooked by light shining on government hiring practices in this “ghost hunt”, PatriotWriter says they should get out of the Capitol and take their sense of entitlement with 'em. We have enough ghosts as it is.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hollow Rhetoric to the Rescue!

Normally I name names. Today, I'll just let you fill in the blanks, although, it might be easier to list who the following does NOT describe. Just picture the politician who is on your mind and then see if I have described them...or not. Enjoy this exercise, if you can stomach it.

Style over substance. Personal wealth that prevents any understanding of what the middle class needs or wants. Unabashed arrogance. Loyalties to the elite class, not the voter base. Speeches tailored to what the particular audience wants to hear, often in complete conflict with yesterday's message across town. Backroom deals. Unholy alliances. Shameless self-promotion and political posturing. Empty promises. "Business as usual" attitude toward governing. Family members / spouse used as props. Questionable allegiances. Documented lies. Criminal acts. Blatant theft of taxpayer dollars: "tax and waste". HOLLOW RHETORIC.

Our Mission

We must reject those people in politics who are stuck reciting the same old tired and deeply flawed narratives found in various conventional political circles. You see, there are certain transcendent truths that will still be here long after our short lives on earth are done. It is up to us to actively engage in civic life on those very important issues so that we can make a difference not just for today, but for years to come. We must have the courage of our convictions when we stand against political and popular culture winds, resisting what is convenient and what might be the easiest thing to do in the moment.

I am not interested in politics as usual. I am fed up with the hollow rhetoric. I want this American generation to make some real and lasting progress on behalf of this nation and her people. We have many different directions that we are all running in order to achieve this. We must realize that we are actually working toward the same goal, even if we are toiling on separate issues on different paths. If you agree with me and you are ready to stamp out Hollow Rhetoric, I guess you could call people like us conservative renegades. We're the radicals in the Republican Party who want to return to our core values. If the Party refuses, they will lose all in the long run and another party will rise to prominence to replace the GOP.

We must all continue to cultivate virtue and bravery in our lives. We'll never know how our examples and efforts will affect the world to come.

If you ever wonder if all of the sacrifices you make while doing what you see as your civic duty are worth the effort and expense, I pray that epiphanies like these help you answer with a firm "yes". Thanks to our New Media outlets, Hollow Rhetoric is experiencing a real vetting for the first time since the telegraph. I am excited to see those deserving of the fire go down in flames. In their place, may those true leaders rise up who have our country's best interests at heart.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Senator Cornyn turns up his nose at juicy pork

In his recent blog post “Everyone loses in the earmark game”, Senator Cornyn links low Congressional approval ratings to record high levels of earmarked taxpayer dollars that number in the billions for this year alone. I applaud Sen. Cornyn for supporting the (recently failed) bi-partisan effort for a one-year moratorium on earmarks and am glad to hear that his senses are keen on this issue. He writes,
“The earmark process is subject to harsh criticism indeed…it’s riddled with secrecy, corruption, and wasteful spending…the system we have now is broken, and it’s not being fixed.”
Judging by the silliness and filth that comes out of the mouths of many members of Congress, I am actually surprised to hear something that makes good cents. I am proud that at least one Senator from Texas is leading the charge.

Tragically, even the one-year moratorium on earmarking was too great a sacrifice for the political class in Washington to make. That bi-partisan pig was promptly killed and eaten by ravenous members of Congress. (Cornyn was not invited to the luau.) I strongly support Senator Cornyn as he continues the push for fair and transparent expenditures that hold up under public scrutiny. And if he can manage to put an end to earmarks, I think he deserves a real Hawaiian vacation. I'll even fundraise for his trip!

In the meantime, let's encourage one other U.S. Senator from Texas to see the light. Earmarks are NOT A-O-Kay! Let our taxpayer's rally cry be "Aloha, Pork! Bon voyage!" (The more venomous among us might add, "Don't let the door hit you where...")

Verse of the Day: Luke 8:33 (My favorite translation includes substituting the word "Congress" for "man". That's the KJ Version. -KJ)

GOD'S WORD® Translation (©1995)
The demons came out of the man and went into the pigs. Then the herd rushed down the cliff into the lake and drowned.

King James Bible
Then went the devils out of the man, and entered into the swine: and the herd ran violently down a steep place into the lake, and were choked.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

What is Texas Grit?

Grit: stubborn courage; brave perseverance; pluck

When Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson receives a speaking invitation from a small group of young conservatives, he is known to accept it without hesitation despite his busy schedule. One young Texan was overheard saying, "He's always so easy to work with and so supportive of us. He thinks the stuff we do is important and he treats us with a great deal of respect." For that reason, and because he's known to stick to his guns on issues he's passionate about, regardless of the political winds, I say Land Commissioner Patterson has a great amount of true Texas grit.

When Attorney General Greg Abbott took time away from a fundraiser held in his honor to greet a brand new Texan and then help to shut down the Texas-based moving company who was scamming her and others, the gesture did not go unnoticed. As a result, many people now know about this hard-working Attorney General and true tales of perseverance by Abbott and his staff circulate through the community. We need "stubborn courage" in a Texas Attorney General. And we have it.

Now, this writer intends to keep her ear to the ground to listen for stories of political whistleblowers. Texas needs more of them. They are the grittiest of the grit, for many of them stand to lose everything. I speak in general terms...for now. It's time to clean house. It's time to set a high standard for those in public office, in whom the public places its trust. The time for scandals, hijinks and dirty deeds is done. The Republican Party has lost much ground; truthfully, they have not deserved to keep it. That could reverse, and I hope it does, but it will take extreme doses of Texas grit starting at the highest levels.

Here's to Conservative Pluck.

Friday, March 07, 2008

There's only one REAL candidate for president.

The presidential fields of both parties have narrowed, and the arguments about how we should move forward are now familiar. The American Conservative believes that only one candidate has put forth a diagnosis of America's current ills and has a vision to turn the country off its misguided course. That is Congressman Ron Paul, whom we endorse for the Republican nomination.

On the key issue of foreign policy, the differences between the other Republican contenders can be measured in microdots. All remain enthusiastic supporters of the invasion of Iraq and of maintaining a presence there for years to come. All speak as if it is America's right and duty to station its armed forces over much of the world. All have embraced neoconservative paranoia about the "threat" posed by Iran, setting the table for another war. All, that is, except Dr. Paul.

He is the one candidate who sees how the realities of world power have shifted since the 1990s, the one who recognizes that the time of unilateral American hegemony is over--and can't be maintained even if it was in our interest to do so. He alone understands that the ever expanding federal government is a far greater threat to American liberty than some tinpot dictator in the Caucasus. By speaking about the benefits of smaller government and limited executive power, he has introduced a generation of young Americans to a more traditional and true style of conservativism--to the movement and the country's benefit.

Ron Paul is a libertarian, and his stances are very much derived from that minor party tradition. To many, his ruminations about sound money seem academic--if oddly prescient. He was sounding the alarm about dollar devaluation long before the current panic and broke with libertarian orthodoxy to oppose injurious free-trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA. Conservatives also find common cause with his 30-year pro-life voting record and committment to ending birthright citizenship.

Paul came by his congressional nickname--"Dr. No"--honestly. Anyone combing through his lengthy record will find many lone stands and idealistic statements that ignore the maxim that politics is the art of the possible. We are under no illusion that he has much chance of winning the GOP nomination this election cycle.

Nevertheless we urge a vote for him. This campaign sends a signal to both parties that a significant number of Americans value their country's great Constitution, that many conservatives reject wiretaps, waterboarding, and senseless wars. There is far more realism in Paul's analysis than can be found in those Republicans who believe that Washington's policy of borrowing billions from China to pay for the occupation of a growing number of countries is desirable, much less sustainable.

Ron Paul has been a breath of fresh air in an otherwise desultory Republican campaign. Long may he run.

While I wish I had originally penned this piece, it is straight out of the February 11, 2008 issue of The American Conservative. I merely typed it up for you. To subscribe, go to or call 1-800-579-6148. -KJ

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Your state doesn't count.

So far, Congressman Ron Paul has beaten Juan McLame in Maine, Nevada, Montana, and Alaska.

They virtually tied in North Dakota.

And Paul came within a few hundred votes of Juan in Washington state.

Louisiana GOP caucus hijinks and last-minute rule changes most likely cost Paul a win there.

I'm here to tell you that if you live in Maine, Nevada, Montana, Alaska, Washington, North Dakota, or Louisiana--your state doesn't matter. We don't care. Please ignore the fact that our country and our party are slipping into the dustbin of history. Just sit there quietly and take the medicine that McLame administers. Open wide! You have no other choice.

I think the prescription for curing the Republican Party is an internal hurricane. A housecleaning. Yes, I am pretty sure that is what the doctor has ordered. I plan to follow his directives to a "tee".

For the rest of you disenfranchised conservatives, I hear Honduras is nice this time of year...

Huck's Hour of Power

- by Pat Buchanan

During his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference, among the best he has delivered, Mitt Romney suspended his campaign, so as not to imperil GOP prospects in the fall. Said Mitt, "If I fight on ... all the way to the convention, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely that Senators Clinton or Obama would win. And in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign be a part of aiding a surrender to terror."

Thus did Romney endorse the John McCain view that the Democrats who intend to pull all U.S. combat brigades out by a date certain are raising the "white flag of surrender" to Islamo-fascist terror.

But when Mike Huckabee, who also delivered one of his best at CPAC, was asked if he would stand down for the good of the party, as his winning the nomination is now a near-mathematical impossibility, he brusquely dismissed such demands as "total nonsense."

"I didn't major in math," said the Baptist preacher, "I majored in miracles." Good for Huck. Why should he drop out?

For too long conservatives have suppressed their convictions or meekly submitted, so as not to oppose a Republican president or get out of step with the party leadership.

Because they did not wish to undercut George H.W. Bush, too many went along with his tax hikes and quota bill. And they paid the price in 1992.

Because they did not want to get out of step with their K Street contributors, too many went along with the refusal of Bush I and Bush II to secure America's borders. Belatedly, they have awakened to what "going along" has done to their country.

Because they did not want to get out of step with Newt and Dole, too many conservatives went along with NAFTA, Most Favored Nation trade status for China and the surrender of sovereignty to the World Trade Organization.

Result: $800 billion trade deficits, deindustrialization of the nation, and a dependency on foreigners for the necessities of our national life and for the borrowed money to pay for them.

Now, they all wonder why manufacturing jobs are leaving for China, why median family income no longer rises as in the Reagan era, why the Reagan Democrats are going home.

Because too many did not want to be seen as not supporting a Republican president in time of war, only six House Republicans voted to deny Bush a blank check for war.

Did the rest have no grave concern about the wisdom of invading Mesopotamia to dethrone a tyrant and democratize a nation that has never known democracy, when George H.W. Bush himself, wiser than his son, halted the Army of Desert Storm rather than take Baghdad?

Because Bush demanded it, too many conservatives went along with No Child Left Behind, Medicare funding of prescription drugs and the largest increases in social spending since LBJ. And what did their capitulation to Big Government Conservatism do for them, except earn them the contempt of the base, which they manifestly deserved?

Thinking is hard work, said Mark Twain – that is why so few engage in it.

For too long conservatives have not been thinking, but living on the inherited intellectual capital of the past. They have failed to see that the world has changed since Reagan's time and we must change with it.

The truth is the prospective Republican nominee is frozen in the past. Though an invasion of his nation is taking place on the border of his own state, John McCain is still reciting Emma Lazarus on the Golden Door. Though China manipulated its currency to seize our markets and loot our industry, and the European Union imposes value-added taxes – tariff equivalents – on U.S. imports, McCain is still babbling on about Smoot-Hawley.

Though the Cold War has been over for a generation, McCain has become more bellicose. He warns us new wars are coming, demands the ouster of Vladimir Putin from the G-8 and threatens Iran. If there is a single tripwire for war laid down in the time of Dean Acheson and John Foster Dulles that John McCain thinks we should pull up, or a single alliance he has urged us to review, this writer has not heard of it.

With the president at 30 percent and the party about to lose seats in both houses of Congress, conservatives should not be closing ranks but demanding to know why.

Huckabee has a chance to do himself a world of good by piling up votes and delegates and making himself a conservative alternative to McCain. But he also has a chance to serve his party and country, by putting on the table the issues neither party is addressing.

Are we as overextended strategically and militarily as we surely are financially and fiscally? Should we stick with free trade if our rivals are rabid economic nationalists? If we let 12 million to 20 million illegals stay, how do we stop the next 12 million to 20 million from coming in?

For his party's and his country's sake, as well as his own, Mike Huckabee should keep the conversation going. Because right now, his party is looking at Hillary, Obama – or Bush's third term.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Irresponsible political rant. (dahlings!)

Perhaps decades of picking our elected leaders like we handicap a horserace or place our bets in Vegas are coming to haunt us. Our criteria for "electability" has devolved into little more than a high-stakes beauty contest for gamblers. Maybe, just maybe, I will throw in the towel. Dismantle my cute little Crusader booth and go drink a Cosmo with the gals and gab about celebrities and fashion designers. Seriously, the political scene in our country is just about as shallow. The debates, forums, caucuses, and primaries are nothing more than popularity contests for all involved. The hijinks I have witnessed while hovering around politicos make me wish I could just spend my time watching Comedy Central, like the rest of our nation, until my brain turns into mush. I'm here tonight to tell you that it's okay to tune out. Take a break. Watch a movie. Ignore the "news". Call in sick to work. Check out. Veg out. Blow off some steam. If you don't, you'll go a little bit crazy.

Just don't stay gone. Because we need you. Babies not yet born want to grow up in a country where they can target practice on their own land and keep the money they earn. It's okay to throw your hands up in the air and walk away...for a night. But please eventually make your way back and find that person of principled integrity to support with your vote, your time, and your money. Work hard on the issues that you care about...I think this might be our last chance.

I call this blog irresponsible because after I vote for Ron Paul in the primary and he doesn't get the nomination, I am going to vote in the general for the best-looking, smoothest-talking, best-dressed candidate on the ballot. I figure, if I am going to be mugged and lied to about it, I want the Presidential Perpetrator to at least be easy on my already traumatized eyes and ears. After November, my blogs will all be about drinking binges and designer purses. If we're going down, let's do it in style, shall we?