Friday, January 25, 2008

Irresponsible political rant. (dahlings!)

Perhaps decades of picking our elected leaders like we handicap a horserace or place our bets in Vegas are coming to haunt us. Our criteria for "electability" has devolved into little more than a high-stakes beauty contest for gamblers. Maybe, just maybe, I will throw in the towel. Dismantle my cute little Crusader booth and go drink a Cosmo with the gals and gab about celebrities and fashion designers. Seriously, the political scene in our country is just about as shallow. The debates, forums, caucuses, and primaries are nothing more than popularity contests for all involved. The hijinks I have witnessed while hovering around politicos make me wish I could just spend my time watching Comedy Central, like the rest of our nation, until my brain turns into mush. I'm here tonight to tell you that it's okay to tune out. Take a break. Watch a movie. Ignore the "news". Call in sick to work. Check out. Veg out. Blow off some steam. If you don't, you'll go a little bit crazy.

Just don't stay gone. Because we need you. Babies not yet born want to grow up in a country where they can target practice on their own land and keep the money they earn. It's okay to throw your hands up in the air and walk away...for a night. But please eventually make your way back and find that person of principled integrity to support with your vote, your time, and your money. Work hard on the issues that you care about...I think this might be our last chance.

I call this blog irresponsible because after I vote for Ron Paul in the primary and he doesn't get the nomination, I am going to vote in the general for the best-looking, smoothest-talking, best-dressed candidate on the ballot. I figure, if I am going to be mugged and lied to about it, I want the Presidential Perpetrator to at least be easy on my already traumatized eyes and ears. After November, my blogs will all be about drinking binges and designer purses. If we're going down, let's do it in style, shall we?

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MJSamuelson said...

Pretty much....exactly what you said.