Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Your state doesn't count.

So far, Congressman Ron Paul has beaten Juan McLame in Maine, Nevada, Montana, and Alaska.

They virtually tied in North Dakota.

And Paul came within a few hundred votes of Juan in Washington state.

Louisiana GOP caucus hijinks and last-minute rule changes most likely cost Paul a win there.

I'm here to tell you that if you live in Maine, Nevada, Montana, Alaska, Washington, North Dakota, or Louisiana--your state doesn't matter. We don't care. Please ignore the fact that our country and our party are slipping into the dustbin of history. Just sit there quietly and take the medicine that McLame administers. Open wide! You have no other choice.

I think the prescription for curing the Republican Party is an internal hurricane. A housecleaning. Yes, I am pretty sure that is what the doctor has ordered. I plan to follow his directives to a "tee".

For the rest of you disenfranchised conservatives, I hear Honduras is nice this time of year...


Law & Prophets said...

Bring It Down, I say!
The GOP needs to be retooled and refitted, and all of the flotsam & jetsam needs to be flushed out.
If this can be done, then that other socialist party will collapse by the weight of its own vapidity, and vacuity.

Eric J. Seabury said...

I have to agree with KJ and Mr. Patrick Buchanan that "towing" the party-line has hurt our Nation immeasurably. It doesn't matter if the Republicans or the Democrats do it, both sides are to blame, but the bigger shoulder of blame lays with us, WE the People!

John McCain can keep doling out the same old, sad and tired tune of "We went to change things in Washington, but Washington changed us" all he wants, but where were WE when all of this "change" was taking place? Were WE paying attention? Did WE hold our public servants accountable the first moment one of them voted against what was Constitutional? Did WE call that Senator or Representative's office to make our complaint known and heard? Did WE take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to go to the community meetings that these public servants usually hold when they want to talk with their constituents? Did YOU not settle for less when they dodged your questions or answered with something that had nothing to do with your question in the first place? Did YOU vote when election time finally arrived and you made your voice heard that you wanted somebody else who would follow Constitutional principles while representing YOU in our government?

We can complain and grumble all we want about those indivuduals who are supposed to serve the American people in public office, whether they're serving in our federal, state or city & county governments, but WE are the ones who should be held accountable for having these shysters in office and for keeping them in office.

Our first fault is that the majority of Americans DO NOT have clue #1 about how our Republican-form of government is supposed to function. Most Americans do not know that the U.S. Bill of Rights was not written to tell the People what their rights are, it was written and accepted by the American People to tell our government what IT is NOT SUPPOSED TO DO!

Government is not supposed to control our lives, it is not supposed to tell us how we're supposed to educate and raise our children, it is not supposed to tell us that we are not allowed to pray in public establishments or not have the Ten Commandments displayed in said place. The Government does not have the right to tell me where I want to live, what I want to eat, how I want to eat it, where I want to travel and what I am allowed to say in public, or write on these blogs, or read in my e-mails... WE are to blame for the loss of our God-given Freedoms and Rights and it is time now that WE, ALL OF US!, start putting aside party rhetoric and loyalty, and instead start professing our loyalty to our U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights!

As much as I am a proud and will forever be, a "dyed in the wool" Republican of the Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan tradition, my loyalty will always go to our Constitution, first and foremost.

My loyalty will go to George Washington and the Founding Fathers, not to George W. Bush...

My loyalty will go to the Bill of Rights, not to Bill Clinton and his socialist nightmare of a wife...

My loyalty will go to the U.S. Constitution, not to Condaleeza Rice and her misguided views on foreign policy.

How many of us, in this blog, and others, have actually read the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights? How many of us have actually tried to understand the meaning of these great and telling words? How many have read what our Founding Fathers spoke of when they talked about adhering to the Constitution and what the ramifications would be if they weren't followed?

Obviously not too damn many, because if most Americans did, we wouldn't be where we are right today. Franklin Roosevelt wouldn't had been able to start up his "New Deal" program which is the leading cause of our Nation's deterioration from within; Lyndon Johnson wouldn't had been able to have followed through with his likewise "Great Society" project and George W. Bush would not have had any justification to send our brothers and sisters to Iraq where that country, as evil and despicable as Saddam Hussein was, was not a direct threat to our national security.

If people would become acquainted or reacquainted with our Constitution and Bill of Rights, we wouldn't have an IRS, which does nothing more than live off American's blood, sweat and tears, like a leech. We wouldn't be overtaxed and overregulated like a bunch of ignorant children who're being treated as though we don't know what's best for us. Our federal government wouldn't overstep it's constitutional authority and make mandates on our 50 states and then tell them that they're left to figure out how to fund for these horrors. We wouldn't need to have our brothers and sisters in uniform spread-thin throughout the globe in more than 150 countries when all it really does is "pump-up" the local economies of these foreign nations and makes the members of the military industrial complex rich while our own people back home are left out to dry.

Instead of focusing on "who did what" on "American Idol" and making "educated" guesses on whether or not Britney Spears is going to commit suicide before the year is out; how the world became a "lesser place" because Heath Ledger, who proudly promoted the homosexual lifestyle on the movie screen, is no longer with us or how "cool" it would be if we had our first African-American or female President, and instead would focus on what the Founding Fathers, our original American Patriots, had fought, created and maintained for for following generations with the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we wouldn't have need for any discussions on how we can save our USA.

We wouldn't be where we are right now with these sad and miserable choices we currently have who're campaigning for President. An educated people would know which candidate has been following and Honoring the Constitution, who would truly maintain our Liberties and Freedoms after they were sworn in to office, who would keep our borders secured against the various forms of aggression crossing over it and who would truly keep our National defenses strong and alert.

We haven't been doing that for a long time and 2008 is no different. Instead, we now have the "Mr./Ms. American President" pageant, where we, so far, get to choose between a war hero who sold out his Conservatism years ago, a preacher who's noted more for his wit and sense of humor instead of his knowledge on adhering to the Constitution, a woman who is probably adored more by the likes of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez than true-blue American Patriots, and a Senate-rookie who keeps talking about "hope" and "change" yet beneath the glamorous talk exterior, is only offering the same sorry recipes for national disaster.

The two, true Constitutionalists, whom our Founding Fathers would approve of if they were alive and voting with us, have been kept out in the cold by the media elite and status quo chimps of the Republican party, penalized for wanting to Honor our Founding Fathers who gave us a Republic over two centuries ago.

It's time to trash the elephant and the donkey in the waste basket, time to drop the "red state/blue state" terminology and realize that there is no longer a "right and left" in our United States society.

Now, we only have a right and a wrong.

In matters of our American heritage, our ideals, our history and our way of life, which side are YOU on?

The right side, with the Founding Fathers, Ronald Reagan and constitutionalists?

Or on the wrong side, with the status quo, establishment hacks who are more concerned with power, greed and influence at YOUR expense and money?

Infidel Dog said...

Though the GOP needs a retrofit, it will take time. Right now we need to defeat Billary and Osama Obama, and the only way to do that is to unite behind one candidate. We don't need another former governor, nor an extrene radical. We need a proven statesman who has stood the test of War and Time in selfless service for his country. John McCain is a true conservative who understand the fight we face against our real enemies, the Islamist Facists, The Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and CHINA. I personaly do not understand peoiple who say that they support our Troops and the put down a Veteran, only quoting parts of what he has said. The so called conservative media has attacked this grave American Veteran again and again without looking at his stances in full context. Instead they grasp at parts of his statements and blow them completely out of purportion, ignoring the whole message, and disallowing the fact that if we are going to use the American system of government as ourForefathers intended, we need to bring both parties to agreement.
Rev. Firen AKA Infidel Dog