Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hollow Rhetoric to the Rescue!

Normally I name names. Today, I'll just let you fill in the blanks, although, it might be easier to list who the following does NOT describe. Just picture the politician who is on your mind and then see if I have described them...or not. Enjoy this exercise, if you can stomach it.

Style over substance. Personal wealth that prevents any understanding of what the middle class needs or wants. Unabashed arrogance. Loyalties to the elite class, not the voter base. Speeches tailored to what the particular audience wants to hear, often in complete conflict with yesterday's message across town. Backroom deals. Unholy alliances. Shameless self-promotion and political posturing. Empty promises. "Business as usual" attitude toward governing. Family members / spouse used as props. Questionable allegiances. Documented lies. Criminal acts. Blatant theft of taxpayer dollars: "tax and waste". HOLLOW RHETORIC.

Our Mission

We must reject those people in politics who are stuck reciting the same old tired and deeply flawed narratives found in various conventional political circles. You see, there are certain transcendent truths that will still be here long after our short lives on earth are done. It is up to us to actively engage in civic life on those very important issues so that we can make a difference not just for today, but for years to come. We must have the courage of our convictions when we stand against political and popular culture winds, resisting what is convenient and what might be the easiest thing to do in the moment.

I am not interested in politics as usual. I am fed up with the hollow rhetoric. I want this American generation to make some real and lasting progress on behalf of this nation and her people. We have many different directions that we are all running in order to achieve this. We must realize that we are actually working toward the same goal, even if we are toiling on separate issues on different paths. If you agree with me and you are ready to stamp out Hollow Rhetoric, I guess you could call people like us conservative renegades. We're the radicals in the Republican Party who want to return to our core values. If the Party refuses, they will lose all in the long run and another party will rise to prominence to replace the GOP.

We must all continue to cultivate virtue and bravery in our lives. We'll never know how our examples and efforts will affect the world to come.

If you ever wonder if all of the sacrifices you make while doing what you see as your civic duty are worth the effort and expense, I pray that epiphanies like these help you answer with a firm "yes". Thanks to our New Media outlets, Hollow Rhetoric is experiencing a real vetting for the first time since the telegraph. I am excited to see those deserving of the fire go down in flames. In their place, may those true leaders rise up who have our country's best interests at heart.


Dave said...

You mean hollow as in "we are the change we've been waiting on"? :D

James Aalan said...

It's not hollow. There is substance behind it. In fact, that's what scares me the most.

But Barak "Manchurian" Obama doesn't want us to see that substance, because if we did, he would be unelectable.

K. Priscilla Jones ("KJ") said...

Most politicians don't want the voters to know who they really are; those are precisely the folks I'd like to see on the guillotine.

Wheatbread said...

I've never seen such an uprising for a canidate that runs on one word "Change". What and how are never adressed.This is very unnerving to ponder the thought of electing people into office, without any substance or plan. I can run on change! I know personal attributes down to the canidate's looks and public speaking ability always effect a percentage of voters to a degree, but WOW! Which opens the bigger question; are we growing dumber as a nation? It seems to me previliges our ancestors fought so painstakingly to create, are now so carelessly thrown to big government to decide. The idea of "We The People" controlling government, I fear is eroding our power as citizens. Dependance on government is limiting our ability as a people to make decisions best for ourselves as individuals. I hope we get it together, and elect the canidate with substance.