Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Senator Cornyn turns up his nose at juicy pork

In his recent blog post “Everyone loses in the earmark game”, Senator Cornyn links low Congressional approval ratings to record high levels of earmarked taxpayer dollars that number in the billions for this year alone. I applaud Sen. Cornyn for supporting the (recently failed) bi-partisan effort for a one-year moratorium on earmarks and am glad to hear that his senses are keen on this issue. He writes,
“The earmark process is subject to harsh criticism indeed…it’s riddled with secrecy, corruption, and wasteful spending…the system we have now is broken, and it’s not being fixed.”
Judging by the silliness and filth that comes out of the mouths of many members of Congress, I am actually surprised to hear something that makes good cents. I am proud that at least one Senator from Texas is leading the charge.

Tragically, even the one-year moratorium on earmarking was too great a sacrifice for the political class in Washington to make. That bi-partisan pig was promptly killed and eaten by ravenous members of Congress. (Cornyn was not invited to the luau.) I strongly support Senator Cornyn as he continues the push for fair and transparent expenditures that hold up under public scrutiny. And if he can manage to put an end to earmarks, I think he deserves a real Hawaiian vacation. I'll even fundraise for his trip!

In the meantime, let's encourage one other U.S. Senator from Texas to see the light. Earmarks are NOT A-O-Kay! Let our taxpayer's rally cry be "Aloha, Pork! Bon voyage!" (The more venomous among us might add, "Don't let the door hit you where...")

Verse of the Day: Luke 8:33 (My favorite translation includes substituting the word "Congress" for "man". That's the KJ Version. -KJ)

GOD'S WORD® Translation (©1995)
The demons came out of the man and went into the pigs. Then the herd rushed down the cliff into the lake and drowned.

King James Bible
Then went the devils out of the man, and entered into the swine: and the herd ran violently down a steep place into the lake, and were choked.



Anonymous said...

I like the Hawaiian tie-in here. I like even more that there is a Senator who actually believes in carrying out his constitutional responsibilities.

Not like my two Hawai'i Senators, Dan Inouye and Dan Akaka, who not only voted against earmarks and pork barrel spending, but openly support it as "necessary". They're proud of this, they don't avoid the question, they don't dance around, they actually want to convince the ignorant and the indifferent that this is part of their constitutional duties.

So who is this necessary for? To the taxpayers? The special interest groups? The Senators themselves in order to win those votes by saying they did something for their constituents?

I applaud Senator Cronyn for standing up for what's right, but the responsibility must go to us, the people, to keep our public servants in-line and accountable for their actions and (mis)deeds. As long as we're more concerned about the ridiculous hijinks of Brittney and Paris, the bureaucrats are going to think they're pulling the wool over our stupid, "don't know any better", eyes.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I wrote that my two Senators voted against earmarks and pork barrel spending. I meant to say they voted against the bill which would've put a moratorium on earmarks.

My bad.

Anonymous said...

So who did you get stuck in the elevator with?

Dave said...

Kudos also go to Senator Coburn of Oklahoma and, yes, Senator McCain of Arizona. They've been leading the charge against pork for years, unfortunately in a lonely battle. Pretty embarrassing when Sens. Obama & Clinton vote in favor of the pork moratorium and our own Sen. Hutchison votes with the big spenders of our money.

And that's the most important thing to remember: IT'S OUR MONEY.

K. Priscilla Jones ("KJ") said...

Thanks for that comment, Dave. Tom Coburn is one of my heroes! What a brilliant conservative man and excellent speaker. He sets the bar pretty darn high, indeed.

Dave said...

Oh, I forgot one more person who deserves a special "shout out" on the issue of pork: Rep. Jeff Flake of Arizona. Unfortunately, the Republican leadership thwarted the effort to put him on the Appropriations Committee.

Over Unity said...

How very sad that it has come to this. A lone voice of reason here and there, now and then, will not be enough to change anything. Unfortunately, we, this whole country, are the swine rushing toward the lake.

Dave said...

According to the Citizens Against Government Waste's 2008 "Pig Book", the following Senators have sponsored ZERO earmarks in 2008: Republicans Coburn, Demint, McCain, and Democrats Feingold and McCaskill. Cornyn sponsored 75 earmark projects totaling approximately $122 million; Hutchison sponsored 145 projects totaling $255 million. There were 10 House members who sponsored zero earmarks, including Majority Leader Boehner, and Reps. Flake and Shadegg. You can check out the entire listings at www.cgaw.org.

Dave said...

Woops, I'm dyslexic! That should be www.cagw.org.

Geoffrey John Wells said...

The problem with the spending of the Congress is this. The citizen is excluded from determining just how much of his money should be taxed, much less where it should be spent.

In the true way a Republic works, the citizens are to determine all aspects of their government. This has been neutered by the belief that America is a Democracy. America was created as a republic based off the Romans. In this the populace decided as a whole what the government would and would not do. This has been replaced in todays Republic with elitist who are lawyers who make laws that enrich themselves and their friend in crime.

If you look at what the average citizen in America determines in this country it is simply this; The President and Vice President of the United States, Federal Senators and Congressman, State Governors, State Senators and Congressman, County Commissioners, City Mayors and City Council, and Local Judges. In this the average American has a vote on maybe 20 people. This is not freedom.

Where is electing new lawyers freedom. The fact of the matter is the Citizens have been denied making the choices of their government just like Jury's have been excluded from Courts of Law. The Constitution is very specific about this, yet Lawyers dont care about anything but enriching themselves and the taxpayer paying for it. Notice I did not mention "Citizen", that has been lost also, we have become nothing but "Taxpayers" in America.

Is this what is considered being American and having rights?

James Aalan said...

Saw you posted on my blog and I figured I'd return the favor. It can be hard keeping up with the latest Texas news here in Iraq, but I try my darndest.

Sen. Cornyn is a true hero, a principled conservative and a great Texan, and there aren't too many better compliments than those three. Sen. Hutchison is also a strong conservative. In her case, those numbers are a little misleading because the state's senior senator often gets tagged with carrying "pork" when she's essentially carrying bills like funding for NASA or other Texas projects that could hardly be called earmarks. Either way, $225 million, if it's right, is a pretty low number. That's probably less than what we spend in helicopter fuel in a month here in Iraq.

I'm pretty familiar with the Pig Book and though I haven't seen this year's numbers, I know that Texas is consistently at the very bottom of "pork" spending, which is good for the taxpayers. Rather than waste our tax dollars on bogus projects to "create jobs" our 2 senators - and state leaders (well, most of them, anyway) prefer to let THE PEOPLE create the damn jobs, thank you.

Texas couldn't have two better senators in terms of fighting waste in D.C. ...Unless Kay runs for Gov. and appoints Jerry Patterson to her vacant seat.

...Oh, be still, my beating heart. :)