Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Texas Defending the American Dream New Media Summit

Join me July 18-19 at the Renaissance Austin Hotel for the groundbreaking new media and taxpayer advocacy Summit brought to us by Americans for Prosperity and RightOnline. Confirmed speakers include Michelle Malkin, Robert Novak, Barry Goldwater, Jr., and the coolest guys from the Wall Street Journal--John Fund and Stephen Moore.

Limited space is available so you should register now!


Anonymous said...

Bob Novak is an awesome speaker and a really neat guy. He spoke at our Lincoln day and I got to spend some time with him before and after the event. WOW. Is all I can say. Brillant mind and suprisingly not boring.

John Hancock said...

I thought I could draw some interest from this site in helping a fundamentally libertarian cause: mainly, the threat of eminent domain abuse -- the government-forced seizure of private property for someone else's private use.

You may have read about one of the Institute for Justice's (IJ) historic Supreme Court cases called Kelo v. New London, in which a homeowner, Susette Kelo, held out against a private developer seeking to turn her home into debris by way of eminent domain. The court ruled in favor of New London, and paved the way for property rights of individuals to be substantially and absurdly quashed in the twenty-first century.

This Monday is the third anniversary for the Supreme Court's infamous decision. For the anniversary, Susette Kelo is hoping that those who strongly oppose eminent domain support the IJ in its effort to end eminent domain abuse. You can help support this powerful message by donating to the Institute for Justice, and help curtail the incidence of eminent domain abuse, which in the past five years alone included over 10,000 cases.

To donate or to view more information, check out www.ij.org/keloday

Feel free to spread the word!

Thanks, and have a great summer!