Sunday, August 31, 2008

"States Rights" + Barry Goldwater Jr. Speaks in St. Paul--Undeterred by Gulf Coast Storm

While George, Dick, and John are in some bunker watching the Weather Channel (and not appearing as scheduled at the RNC) Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr. addressed members of the Texas delegation and others. In fact, come to think of it, it's basically just the people who are intent on restoring our republic who showed up to speak in MN. Those who intend to position themselves for best media advantage this week, despite not being the Governor of a Gulf Coast state, are ambulance chasing somewhere along Gustaf's predicted landfall. At this very moment, "the boys" are with Geraldo in the heart of the danzer zone--that tiny area between Port Aransas, TX and Miami, FL.

I really don't see why a nation's president sees fit to interfere with the operation of a state's response to a predicted weather-related threat. Oh yeah--maybe it's to give beefy FEMA something to pre-emptively do. I thought the states' governors were left with the decision on whether or not to issue a distress call to Washington in the event of a real or predicted emergency. It seems all Washington does these days is volunteer their help on our dime. It seems all Washington does these days is assert themselves where they are not wanted or needed and make themselves scarce when it comes to decisions that truly are in their jurisdiction.

I don't think Governor Palin would take too kindly to FEMA announcing their arrival en masse into Alaska, giving her a token salute, and then advising her of their mission in her state*. Kudos to Governor Perry for his handling of the storm preparations. That is precisely his job!

States' rights. That's all I'm sayin'. Got it, Gustaf?

I will laugh if the storm just totally dies out before landfall and all of the ruined plans and aggravated delegates were over nothing. If McCain loses the election because he didn't bother to run the scheduled convention this week, he deserves it. The thousands of members of the state delegations and their guests are the ones being inconvenienced by this Weather Alert in a distant land. many of them paid their own way here. Do you think FEMA will reimburse them for their trouble and then park some outrageously priced metal trailers in St. Paul "in case" the convention goes a few days too long and the hotels throw us out for outstaying our welcome and their availability?

There's another kind of water that is causing quite a ruckus at the RNC. It's worth mentioning that when Barry arrived at a party across town and was introduced from the microphone, the whole place erupted in chanting: "Bear-ree! Bear-ree!" Perhaps there are still some folks-God bless 'em!-left in politics who properly care for their conservative conscience.

States' rights! That's all I'm sayin".

Twin Cities: Eyewitness Account of the War Zone (RNC Convention pre-game)

Familiar faces in the Minneapolis airport were all smiles today. Police were everywhere making the "good guys" feel more safe and making the bad guys scarce.

I've been following the anarchists on Twitter. For some reason they let "PatriotWriter" in on their evil plans. Their whole goal is to get arrested for disruption and violence so they can claim police brutality. They have many lawyers on site to get them right back out again.

All I can hear from my room on the riverfront is helicopters. It really does sound like a war zone. Unfortunately, Anarchists vs. GOP isn't the only war waging in the Twin Cities.

Apparently the establishment Republicans, the GOP elitists, the anti-Ron Paul contingent is still bitter that anyone dared challenge their heavy-handed--even illegal--exclusionary tactics leading up to this day. They are still on guard. On edge. Suspicious. I've heard several very negative things already in a matter of an hour here--and from folks in leadership positions in the party.

The son of Mr. Conservative himself will be in our hotel lobby bar tonight signing copies of what should be the GOP Bible: "The Conscience of a Conservative". I've mentioned it to most people I (hang on...just taking a call from Barry himself. King of good timing.) have seen and actually got this response, "We're staying as far away from that as possible. There will be too many Ron Paul people there."

Now, that's a heck of an attitude to have towards these happy young, energetic, solid conservatives. It seems to me that if the GOP is going to avoid extinction, it needs to embrace new blood--even if that means the "new blood" totally schools them in what it means to be a conservative and a member of the Old Right. The only way we can be successful is if the old guard embraces the new blood--and they most certainly are not. I've seen very poor attitudes here. Very elitist.

We have three wars on our hands this week: Anarchists vs. Republicans, Establishment vs. Ron Paul, and Old vs. Young. (I thought it was supposed to be Republicans vs. Democrats, not Republicans vs. each other.) All I know for sure is that the Young will be the victors in their war. We are more conservative than the baby boomers who are ruining our country and polluting our party. Fortunately, they'll all eventually be dead. Oh yeah--and we have Sarah Palin on our team. They just think they do. :)

This is KJ signing off from the war doesn't have to be this way. It just is. Stay tuned for more updates!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Breaking: Sneaking past the Old Media & the Old Congress to drill for Americans.

They say you never know what revolutionaries will surface to bring reform until the hemorrhaging is great. (Well, "they" don't really say that. I made that up.) But this is true:

According to Congressman John Culberson, we are at a turning point. The popular mandate to "Drill Here, Drill Now" may prove to be the issue that changes the way the will of the people is heard by decisionmakers. The D.C. "Old Media" won't touch the real story coming out of Pelosi's pranksters' latest assault on America. Culberson just reported the following to his band of faithful followers on (all times are Central)

11:10 p.m. Sunday "I will be back on the House floor tomorrow at 10am with others asking the Speaker to call the house back for a vote to drill here drill now!"

11:11 p.m. Sunday "We would ask the Pres to call Congress into special session but the Senate used a sneaky trick to prevent this - they are still in session."

11:13 p.m. Sunday "Senate is in 'pro forma session' for 5 minutes every day all summer to stop the Pres from calling a special session to drill here drill now."

11:16 p.m. Sunday "Utterly and blindly biased old media DC press corps will not tell you these things. I will happily help new media absorb and eliminate old media."

The hemorrhaging has not yet started for Americans on this issue. Right now, outrageous energy prices are inconvenient and some folks are feeling real pain. But not most folks. Not yet. It will get worse before it gets better, but we must have a plan in place to get it better when we hit that proverbial wall.

In the meantime, what can an average person like you do about it?
Online. In person. With your friends. With your enemies.

We can bring reform to a nation that has lost its way by uniting (online and offline) on this issue and demanding, through new media, that we drill for oil domestically using our reserves. For you new media junkies out there: our task at hand is tweet.

**Note: Cong. Culberson will forever hold the record for first Twitter post from the U.S. House floor. He's a technology pioneer compared to the old guard in Congress!