Sunday, August 03, 2008

Breaking: Sneaking past the Old Media & the Old Congress to drill for Americans.

They say you never know what revolutionaries will surface to bring reform until the hemorrhaging is great. (Well, "they" don't really say that. I made that up.) But this is true:

According to Congressman John Culberson, we are at a turning point. The popular mandate to "Drill Here, Drill Now" may prove to be the issue that changes the way the will of the people is heard by decisionmakers. The D.C. "Old Media" won't touch the real story coming out of Pelosi's pranksters' latest assault on America. Culberson just reported the following to his band of faithful followers on (all times are Central)

11:10 p.m. Sunday "I will be back on the House floor tomorrow at 10am with others asking the Speaker to call the house back for a vote to drill here drill now!"

11:11 p.m. Sunday "We would ask the Pres to call Congress into special session but the Senate used a sneaky trick to prevent this - they are still in session."

11:13 p.m. Sunday "Senate is in 'pro forma session' for 5 minutes every day all summer to stop the Pres from calling a special session to drill here drill now."

11:16 p.m. Sunday "Utterly and blindly biased old media DC press corps will not tell you these things. I will happily help new media absorb and eliminate old media."

The hemorrhaging has not yet started for Americans on this issue. Right now, outrageous energy prices are inconvenient and some folks are feeling real pain. But not most folks. Not yet. It will get worse before it gets better, but we must have a plan in place to get it better when we hit that proverbial wall.

In the meantime, what can an average person like you do about it?
Online. In person. With your friends. With your enemies.

We can bring reform to a nation that has lost its way by uniting (online and offline) on this issue and demanding, through new media, that we drill for oil domestically using our reserves. For you new media junkies out there: our task at hand is tweet.

**Note: Cong. Culberson will forever hold the record for first Twitter post from the U.S. House floor. He's a technology pioneer compared to the old guard in Congress!

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