Sunday, August 31, 2008

Twin Cities: Eyewitness Account of the War Zone (RNC Convention pre-game)

Familiar faces in the Minneapolis airport were all smiles today. Police were everywhere making the "good guys" feel more safe and making the bad guys scarce.

I've been following the anarchists on Twitter. For some reason they let "PatriotWriter" in on their evil plans. Their whole goal is to get arrested for disruption and violence so they can claim police brutality. They have many lawyers on site to get them right back out again.

All I can hear from my room on the riverfront is helicopters. It really does sound like a war zone. Unfortunately, Anarchists vs. GOP isn't the only war waging in the Twin Cities.

Apparently the establishment Republicans, the GOP elitists, the anti-Ron Paul contingent is still bitter that anyone dared challenge their heavy-handed--even illegal--exclusionary tactics leading up to this day. They are still on guard. On edge. Suspicious. I've heard several very negative things already in a matter of an hour here--and from folks in leadership positions in the party.

The son of Mr. Conservative himself will be in our hotel lobby bar tonight signing copies of what should be the GOP Bible: "The Conscience of a Conservative". I've mentioned it to most people I (hang on...just taking a call from Barry himself. King of good timing.) have seen and actually got this response, "We're staying as far away from that as possible. There will be too many Ron Paul people there."

Now, that's a heck of an attitude to have towards these happy young, energetic, solid conservatives. It seems to me that if the GOP is going to avoid extinction, it needs to embrace new blood--even if that means the "new blood" totally schools them in what it means to be a conservative and a member of the Old Right. The only way we can be successful is if the old guard embraces the new blood--and they most certainly are not. I've seen very poor attitudes here. Very elitist.

We have three wars on our hands this week: Anarchists vs. Republicans, Establishment vs. Ron Paul, and Old vs. Young. (I thought it was supposed to be Republicans vs. Democrats, not Republicans vs. each other.) All I know for sure is that the Young will be the victors in their war. We are more conservative than the baby boomers who are ruining our country and polluting our party. Fortunately, they'll all eventually be dead. Oh yeah--and we have Sarah Palin on our team. They just think they do. :)

This is KJ signing off from the war doesn't have to be this way. It just is. Stay tuned for more updates!

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