Monday, September 08, 2008

John Stossel asked me, "Do looks matter?"

Here are my thoughts on that...

Of course, looks matter. We have a celebrity culture and a very shallow electorate. Right now, nearly half of American voters are ready to elect as President a good-looking, younger man because he happens to be only 50% Caucasian. I doubt that very many of his supporters are able to articulate how even one of his policy ideas would impact the nation.

On the other ticket, we have a very beautiful Vice Presidential nominee who will attract a lot of those shallow voters, as well. I think that’s one of the big reasons why she was chosen! However, Gov. Palin is truly beautiful for what she stands for—and she is not a decoration. She is not a “gimmick”. She is not a “narrative”. The wild card with Palin is not that she was “unknown”, it’s that she is the real deal, across the board conservative. She is a champion of the taxpayer. She promotes transparency in government. She fights waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer dollars and challenges the status quo. These traits are in every fiber of her being and they won’t go away when she gets to Washington.

It should be noted that even if Hillary Clinton looked exactly like Sarah Palin, she would still have worn a pantsuit on that stage and would still be ugly—because it’s what’s inside that counts. What’s inside both Hillary and Obama is 100% Socialism.

I think McCain got more pitbull than he bargained for with Palin. I am looking forward to her keeping his administration in check on the real issues that affect Americans. (Can anybody say tax cuts? Gun rights? Freedom of speech for non-profits? McCain opposes these things.) If Palin’s gorgeous packaging is what opens the big White doors for this fine grassroots born and raised reformist, I’ll be the first to admit it. And more power to her. Pass the lipstick.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Wacky Ron Paul Movement's "Cliff Notes" by Barry Goldwater, Jr.

More than 11,000 people from all 50 states and at least a dozen other nations gathered at the Rally for the Republic held in Minneapolis on September 2. The sheer number of media present was astounding. As I walked the floor I was stopped and interviewed by a German TV crew who flew in just to cover the event. A Vanity Fair writer also spoke with me at length, although I got the distinct impression that he was there to figure out how to achieve his predetermined angle on a story already written, if only just in his head, about an event that had not yet begun. To be fair and since I don't believe in "thought crimes" charged by hasty judgments, please allow me to retract my previous assumption and replace it with a more palatable, "The Vanity Fair writer I spoke with was polite, young, hip, polished, and mum--all of those things you want in a hired gun columnist. Why? Because it's disarming."

Please check out the three minute Cliff Notes explanation of the wacky extremist movement chaired by Ron Paul, as brought to you by his fellow member of Congress (ret.) Barry Goldwater, Jr.

Goldwater introduced Congressman Paul at the Rally, and to thunderous applause--the vibrations of which will be felt for decades to come.

Editor's Note: These folks aren't going away. And it's the waste-of-oxygen, tax-and-spend, bloated "legislation is the answer" cry-baby boomers in both parties that best be watching their backs. The "Old Right" is back in vogue, and this time they're armed with both pitchforks and muskets. It is worth noting that they are now very well-versed in fighting techniques since the 50-state war was declared on them by the GOP leaders at the county, district, state, and national convention levels in 2008. Come January, I would be very afraid of losing my personal power in the Republican Party if I was one of their empty-headed cheerleaders. A shockingly limited government is not only the answer to our nation's woes--it's the demand of a million+ proud new members of the Old Right.

This million member strong movement is just barely a week old. It has nothing to do with a candidate, so you can stop sympathizing with McCain's endangering-his-election heart palpitations. This brand new movement is now about millions of new leaders and millions of reforms--reforms at the county, district, state, and national levels.

More laws and more government regulations + less accountability to the taxpayers are NOT Republican values. If you don't understand what I am talking about then you don't belong in the Republican Party anymore--especially in a professional capacity. I hear the Socialist Party is taking new hires this time of year.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Is "The Next Reagan" a Woman: Sarah Palin?

Flashback: C-Span coverage of the Alaska Governor's Debate - November 2, 2006. I caught it on a channel-surfing fluke and stayed to learn more about Alaska politics. When Republican incumbent-beating Sarah Palin, small town mayor, opened her mouth I was stunned. So impressed. I agreed with everything she said. She was poised, polished, and perfect on every point. Then I did my research on her and found out she was born and later educated in my homestate of Idaho. Another connection. When she won the governor's race, I could not believe it. I sent her a note of congratulations immediately. Had she a larger staff perhaps I might have heard back from her. haha.

I never would have guessed in my wildest dreams that McCain would actually put her on the ticket. I was very vocal about my decision to not vote for McCain unless he chose her. Three weeks ago I flapped my gums to Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams as such. I told him I thought that was the only way McCain would win and she was the only person who could inspire all of the GOP burnouts like myself. I thought I was safely in the camp of a protest vote come November.

I have to say I am so impressed with whatever visionary advisors McCain hired that whispered to him the name Sarah Palin. Perhaps they even fought for her against the conventional wisdom. We all know this election, complete with the influence of new media, is not politics as usual anymore. Whatever the situation, my hat is off to the McCain strategists who picked her. It was a brave move. It was the right move. And they have done more than possibly win the election. They might possibly have changed the direction of our country. The grassroots just went from wilted to electrified. They are fired up for issue reform. The vehicle, surprisingly, is the McCain machine.

If they ease off the heavy-handed tactics they and GOP establishment elitists use on the limited government, Goldwater conservatives in the party, we will have unity not just for an election cycle, but for the duration of our effort to restore this nation.

RE: my headline--John McCain may have just accidentally made "the next Reagan" possible--and it's not him!

Monday, September 01, 2008

McCain is still fighting the war within (the GOP) Tries to block Goldwaters from RNC.

It doesn't have to be this way. I wish it wasn't. But it is. The GOP elite are to blame for the continued exclusion of the truly conservative members of the Republican party. The bad attitudes and rudeness are not just being sported by the low level GOP cheerleaders. No, some of the entrenched "leadership" is outright condescending toward both the new blood in the party AND the Old Right's old guard. Yes, the "Old Right" is still being systematically kicked aside even though the moneyed New Right got their man McCain's name on the yard signs for November.

I'm not here to name names and demonize a few, although that would be best for this blog's ratings. I don't think that tactic will result in the unity that is so needed. So I'm not going to tell you which foot soldiers did what. Top of the ticket is fair game in my book though so here's the scoop.

Barry Goldwater, Jr., son of Mr. Conservative--the founder of the modern conservative movement--called McCain's office to get credentials for the convention. The former Congressman and his family are in town and wanted to be involved in the RNC Convention, if only as observers. McCain said no to the initial request for passes. Why? Because Goldwater is one of those dreadful "Ron Paul supporters"--the equivalent of a town leper. Allegedly McCain dangled the endorsement carrot in exchange for passes. Goldwater, a man with an iron spine, refused to give his endorsement. Then the bargaining turned to money--a ridiculous amount for each pass. The Goldwaters just laughed and refused to pay. Eventually they won out and got a few begrudged complimentary passes.

Any way you slice it, McCain's sudden rise from the primary ashes is fishy, at best. When I met him in October, he was petty and cranky. His campaign was floundering financially and he was at the bottom of the pack. Fiscal conservatives annoyed him; that much was obvious. But then he caught a break, a big break. Donald Bren of the Irvine Company joined many other top donors and helped to spearhead a massive fundraising drive. They issued letters to all clients instructing them to "max out for McCain" and, presumably, the ones who did continued to get contracts in California and around the world. Suddenly the brains behind McCain-Feingold campaign finance "reform" was 2008's "It Boy" for real estate moguls and their buddies. Super PACs are becoming kingmakers.

Inside the RNC, the atmosphere resembles a prison camp. If one looks past the Palin fever electrifying the majority of attendees and listens to the stories of the younger delegates, shocking tales abound. The McCain team has hundreds of private security people roving the inside of the arena. They wear red baseball caps and Secret Service-style radio earpieces. They listen in on media interviews and lecture those who don't produce Team McCain's soundbites on cue. They demand to see the contents of certain delegates' purses, confiscate material that is unrelated to the McCain campaign, and regulate restroom breaks. Their behavior reaches the pinnacle of absurdity. One groups of delegates took a photo with a giant blue flag that merely said "Liberty" and it was promptly confiscated by Team McCain, the delegates lectured and intimidated, and their personal belongings searched. Private security even refused a sitting Congressman access to the convention floor for fear he would lead a mutiny. (Ron Paul, of course.)

As far as I can tell, this struggle goes back to 1960s with Rockefeller vs. Goldwater. The Rockefeller faction is alive and well, having made a pact with the hordes of Southern Democrats they brought to the GOP in the Reagan era. Their agreement? Social issue leaders will always have a seat at the table as long as they maintain unwavering support for the big government, pro-war candidates. This is the military-industrial complex and uninformed citizenry Eisenhower warned us about. It is amusing to see how much Karl Rove and his cronies personally despise the Goldwaters, for instance. Bad blood goes back for decades. Now the GOP leaders are afraid a revolution might be brewing to take back the party, as we did in 1964. They are desperately trying to squash an uprising.

Moral of the story: there is still a war within the GOP and it will tear the party apart if it continues. With a moderate like McCain on the ticket, we cannot afford to have an entire party of robots in blind compliance. If we do not stand up and do what is right, what is truly in the interests of the Old School Conservative movement, what have we gained?

With Sarah Palin on the ticket, I may vote for a dishonest opportunist named McCain. But I'm not going to kiss his feet and sign off on everything he does. I hope Palin won't either. Kudos to the Goldwaters for remaining true to their principles. Shame on McCain and his devotees for continuing to wage the war within. It will be the death of the GOP if they continue.