Monday, September 08, 2008

John Stossel asked me, "Do looks matter?"

Here are my thoughts on that...

Of course, looks matter. We have a celebrity culture and a very shallow electorate. Right now, nearly half of American voters are ready to elect as President a good-looking, younger man because he happens to be only 50% Caucasian. I doubt that very many of his supporters are able to articulate how even one of his policy ideas would impact the nation.

On the other ticket, we have a very beautiful Vice Presidential nominee who will attract a lot of those shallow voters, as well. I think that’s one of the big reasons why she was chosen! However, Gov. Palin is truly beautiful for what she stands for—and she is not a decoration. She is not a “gimmick”. She is not a “narrative”. The wild card with Palin is not that she was “unknown”, it’s that she is the real deal, across the board conservative. She is a champion of the taxpayer. She promotes transparency in government. She fights waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer dollars and challenges the status quo. These traits are in every fiber of her being and they won’t go away when she gets to Washington.

It should be noted that even if Hillary Clinton looked exactly like Sarah Palin, she would still have worn a pantsuit on that stage and would still be ugly—because it’s what’s inside that counts. What’s inside both Hillary and Obama is 100% Socialism.

I think McCain got more pitbull than he bargained for with Palin. I am looking forward to her keeping his administration in check on the real issues that affect Americans. (Can anybody say tax cuts? Gun rights? Freedom of speech for non-profits? McCain opposes these things.) If Palin’s gorgeous packaging is what opens the big White doors for this fine grassroots born and raised reformist, I’ll be the first to admit it. And more power to her. Pass the lipstick.


Brett said...

I like your style, PatriotWriter. I think that Hillary is actually composed of 50% Socialism and some other stuff. But does anyone have the stomach for that kind of analysis? Keep on Patrioting!

mdestape said...

You are a complete moron.

Anonymous said...

"I doubt that very many of his supporters are able to articulate how even one of his policy ideas would impact the nation."

This statement shows that you have absolutely no clue what Democrats stand for, and you have not taken even 5 seconds to ask a loyal Democrat why he/she is voting for Obama. But then, anti-intellectualism and refusal to ask questions for enlightenment are a hallmark of the conservatives. So, congratulations.