Monday, November 03, 2008

If Obama wins, I'm moving to...

...yeah. That's right. Alaska. Or at least Houston. Streisand ain't the only female around these parts who can make idle relocation threats! (We're still waiting for her to move to Canada...right?)

Also, thanks to the talented Benito Segovia for taking my slogan and designing so brilliantly.

Sarah Palin,Benito Segovia

Now, if Obama wins, here are the ten things I am planning to do on Wednesday morning:

10. Buy all of the .38 special ammo my local gunstore currently has in stock.

9. Track down the AR-15 that was recently given to me...if I can find it (it was stolen from a friend and recovered by the police at the scene of a crime).

8. Figure out how to fire an AR-15 accurately. And get ammo for it.

7. Sell off 95% of my possessions, except my guns, ammo, and other things that will keep me alive.

6. Write goodbye notes to all of my Republican "friends" and try to not let them smack with too much "I told you so..."

5. Pack my "to go" bags.

4. Pick up my new passport. Hit it with a hammer. Then, throw it in my "to go" bag.

3. Get new shoes for my horse.

2. Saddle my horse and load up the "to go" bags.

1. Ride north. Way north. North to Alaska.