Friday, February 13, 2009

President Lincoln would have given our Congress a stern speech

--before recommending them to be hanged for treason. Happy 200th Birthday, Honest Abe. We've derailed an amazing nation in record time, haven't we?

"Freedom isn't an ideology; it's the only thing that's ever worked." -as tweeted today by Sen. Jim DeMint

"Never before have so few people spent so much money in so little time with so much secrecy and done so much damage to the next generation." -as tweeted by Cong. John Culberson


John "FilmSail" Sheetz said...

Hmmm funny what you find on the net. Not much to say about the post since I dont do politics however just wanted to drop in and say Hello...looooong time no see.

Libertas said...

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Thanks for the post.