Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Afternoon Austin Tea Party Draws 5,000+

With my horse whip and a sign that read "TAX Slave" on the front and "The IRS Owns ME" on the back, I hit the main Austin Tea Party (late afternoon) and walked from the Capitol to the body of water formerly known as Town Lake. 5,000+ folks attended. (Congressman McCaul who spoke introduced me to his staffer as his gun nut gal. Ha. I'm impressed he remembered me from the flight we were on together in August. Or maybe he got a copy of the RPT blacklist with my photo on it. I digress.)

My Bastrop County pals and I were among the last to leave the Capitol and could see the crowd marching down Congress. The throng of angry Americans stretched from the Capitol gates to the bridge! Very impressive.

I saw a little boy sitting on a rock looking glum. His homemade sign read, "Thanks for my bleak future." Broke my heart!

A boatload of patriots threw crates of tea in the lake, albeit after much of the crowd had dissipated. Wild Indians in canoes retrieved them. I wished they'd used bullhorns! The spirit of the event was very inspiring, overall. My feet are in a good deal of pain due to my poor footwear choice, but I'm just a taxpaying slave like the rest of us, so what do I know?

I do know this: the leaders in the GOP had better take a crash course in limited government concepts or be replaced. And the Republican Party had better shift back to the right or be left out in the cold. Americans have spoken! And Texans are ready to break their federal chains.

I'm ready. Are you?


dah_sab said...

5000? Dream on. Not even 1000. You could barely fill half of Congress for less than one block. But whatever. You people are the bitterest 10% of the voting public who can and will be safely ignored by our duly elected national leaders.

Check President Obama's approval ratings. I wouldn't want you to break your arm patting yourself on the back.

HoboSpaceJunkie said...

Well, that dirty liberal commie Nate Silver estimates 1250 in Austin. Not quite 5000, but more than my 1000 estimate. Though if we ask Neil Cavuto I'm sure he'd agree with you.