Thursday, April 16, 2009

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HoboSpaceJunkie said...

Oh Judy, God doesn't like it when you lie. Telling that 5000 people at the Austin tea party lie will get you a one-way ticket to you know where. Then again, it was only World Net Daily, which publishes nothing but lies fabricated from whole cloth, so it's not really your fault, is it? And it's really only a little while lie, since you and your kind have dwindled down to maybe 25% of the electorate and the media only pay attention to you out of pity or for laughs. Well, have fun with your standout, and I do mean standout, guest speaker Friday. The man who evades taxes and child support, the man who lied about his profession and supposed income, the icon of everything that's right/wrong with the Republican Party, Joe/Sam the Plumber/handyman. Good luck with that tea party. I look forward to word from you that 50,000 people attended, took over the capitol building and freed Texas from American tyranny!