Monday, July 13, 2009

PatriotWriter "Attacks" The Beast (John Avlon)

The following comment is one I made in response to "The GOP Votes for Hate and Suicide" but has yet to be approved by the blog's moderator. I'd like to know what you think. Please comment here.

Mr. Avlon:

While I agree with your concluding paragraph, your supporting arguments were primarily rubbish. For the record, I had a vote in the Shay vs. Hoff election and Ms. McCain did not. If she was so passionate about one ticket, she should have joined the Arizona delegation and cast her vote.

If the GOP is to rediscover the values of individual freedom, it must reject the liberal trap of identity politics that elects someone based on the color of their skin, gender, or sexual orientation (none of anyone's business!) We are all individuals, not "groups". Lumping people together by skin color is the ultimate racism! It is my hope that Michael Steele was elected Chairman of the RNC because he was viewed as the best man for the job, not merely the darkest skin we could find in a nice suit. How base is that notion!?!

We are poised on the brink of having one of the most idiotic, unAmerican Supreme Court justices of all time confirmed, despite a clear record of the majority of this judge's past decisions being both overturned and unConstitutional. Why will this judge most likely sail straight onto the highest court? Because SHE is a woman (hear me roar!) and because she was born with an attractive tan that screams, "I'm a misunderstood minority!" Nonsense! RACISM at its finest!

I conclude by challenging your journalistic integrity. I clicked on your blog post to find a quote from the Facebook exchange from whence you generated your sensational headline. Finding none, I ask that you withdraw your charge that Ms. Shay is a KKK-style racist. You have offered no proof, unless you also subscribe to the School of Thought Police. "We think she thinks X so it must be true. Hang her!"

I was not satified with either candidate at the top of the YRNF ticket, nor do I place as much importance on the position as you seem to do, so I abstained on that one vote this weekend.

Republicans must reject identity politics and affirmative action racism. Going forward, may the best, most qualified individual always win. That concept is at the heart of Goldwater Republicanism to which the GOP must return to save its neck. Any other interpretation is misinformed.


K. Priscilla Jones

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