Thursday, November 11, 2010

Breaking the Silence: Veterans Day 2010

Bless me, readers, for I have sinned. It's been 407 days since my last post. I break my silence now to honor the tens of thousands of American servicemen who've made unquantifiable personal sacrifices.

For the past year, this writer's been quiet. 407 days of reflection, observation, listening, and learning have resulted in a new perspective devoid of slant, propaganda, party mantra, jingoism, ethnocentrism, selfishness. I renounce concepts, theories, speeches, monologues, and arguments I offered so passionately in years past while afflicted by (mis)understanding of the big picture. Clarity is sweet.

Want proof that there are no accidents? This morning as I wept for our veterans, I stumbled upon a traveling exhibit by the Veterans Memorial Fund. It was in the Bass Pro Shop parking lot in Grapevine, TX. Naturally. There are only five other traveling walls like it nationally, so I feel very fortunate to have discovered it.

The images speak for themselves. Our war veterans' words stand alone. Let them haunt you.

Until recently, I didn't truly understand what we fight for--what we all toil over and chase after. The complexities of our modern engagements fell beyond my scope of comprehension and, as a result, my interest level.

My newfound understanding is refreshing, liberating, and even joyous. To put it simply, I no longer believe that the issues worth fighting for concern liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, Aggies or Longhorns, Muslim or Christian, USA and (insert country of choice), Baptist or get the idea. These are constructs, distractions that carry manipulative spin.

At the center of EVERY issue worth fighting for is the struggle between FREE or NOT FREE. (I credit Benito Segovia III for that concise theory, revealed in a German press interview, August 2008.) To understand our world, we must ask who is trying to profit financially, gain control, and/or subjugate the other person/country/group. Then we must ask if they (the "who") are operating for or against us. Free? Or Not Free? That is the question.

Today I pondered the significance of Veterans Day in light of our current endless war(s). Not only are we repeating historic military failures, we have forgotten our own war history from just three decades ago. I wept for the boys drafted to Vietnam that never returned home to meet their families for the first time as men.

I wept for the boys we are sending to foreign deserts to serve as moving targets, mission obscured. Of course, more of them are physically returning home than did from Vietnam. However, so often their minds and spirits are shattered, traumatized, numbed. Are you concerned about the longterm ramifications of endless foreign war on our society? Our finest, strongest, bravest warriors are reintroduced to us at home scarred, conflicted, confused.

We are sending our country's strongest masculine potential overseas, only to bring it back broken, damaged. Do you wonder why? Do you wonder who is profiting? Where the control is shifting? Who the subjects/slaves really are?

What if the only men who can stop the insidious blight of endless war are the very ones being broken by it?

May God Heal our Land.

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