Monday, May 30, 2011

URGENT: Tell Perry & Dewhurst You Don't Want Grope-downs in Texas

Without any mainstream media coverage, the public outburst over the Texas Senate's killing of "restrain-the-TSA" bill has prompted Governor Rick Perry's office to open phone line (512) 463-2000 to allow the public call to call in and express their opinion.

A special legislative session is now being planned for SB 8, SB 23, SB 1811 and HB 6. Your action NOW can get HB 1937 added to the list.

Call (512) 463-2000 and demand HB 1937 be considered in the upcoming special legislative session.

You can also send emails to the Senate and Lt. Governor imploring them to pass HB 1937 in special session at:

You can learn more about this issue at:

Facebook and Twitter this information and forward this email throughout your personal network.

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