Tuesday, June 14, 2011

FED Up? I'll buy Perry's book if he stops the TSA's wandering hands (and eyes) in Texas

Great news, fellow Texans! Pick up your phones.

We have the votes in the legislature! We just need Governor Perry to add the Anti-TSA Groping Bill to the Special Session! Rep. David Simpson, author of the original bill, has 102 co-sponsors for the Special Session bill HB 41. The TSA Tyranny group has confirmed that 18 Texas Senators support Sen. Dan Patrick's Senate version of the bill, SB 29.

Now more than a simple majority of our Texas Representatives and Senators support the Anti-TSA Groping legislation, which means that HB 41 and SB 29 will pass if these bills are brought before the Special Session by Governor Rick Perry. But we must act quickly to tell the Governor the support he has been waiting for is now there—before the Special Session ends. Perry has said that he won't add the bill unless the support is clear. Now we can see there is no excuse, no reason to delay any longer!

Let's keep the pressure on Governor Perry!

Call Governor Rick Perry's office — (512) 463-2000 or (512) 463-1782 — and let him know we have confirmation that 18 Senators now support the Anti-TSA Groping Bill, SB 29. Tell him we have the simple majority that is required to pass the legislation during the Special Session. Ask what we can do to help ensure that HB 41 (formerly HB 1937) and SB 29 make it to the Special Session.

Perry claims he's FED UP. Well, so are we. Let him know we expect him to follow through and put his money where his mouth is!

When you call, tell him you'll buy his book FED Up if he slates the Anti-Groping Bill for a vote. Bribing makes good politics.

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