Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Eyes Have It - Scripts & Tricks at Tampa RNC 2012

I blew into Tampa on Sunday night along with Hurricane Isaac and he promptly made a left turn. The RNC machine and Team Romney have proved a bit less accommodating. I was eager to compare RNC2012 to RNC2008——where the air was charged, the base was ecstatic over the Palin pick, and McCain was virtually ignored at his own coronation ceremony.
To christen my Florida trip, I grabbed a wheelchair in the airport and sat in it on the curb, awaiting my ride. The only thing I was missing was my own oxygen tank. After witnessing the "business" conducted at the convention Tuesday, I am convinced the establishment tools are sucking on some other type of gas.
While the MSM focuses on interviewing the balloon guy (See Fox News, Bill Hemmer) and the live coverage is dominated by pundits like Karl Rove and Bill Kristol who personify neo-conservativism, I observe and document what is really happening in Tampa. I have chosen a seat near the floor with a partial view of the stage and a full view of the teleprompter. That's how I saw the first pre-determined floor "vote" unravel. Contrary to Boehner's script, the "aye's" quite clearly did not have it.
The epic power grab the RNC pulled via rule change on delegate selection received some news coverage before the vote. This must have helped put party planners on the offensive. John Boehner presided over a convention that seems to have been planned like a war——the continued war within. With Monday's activities cancelled allegedly by Isaac, both sides had extra time to plan their attack. Strategy meetings convened in secret. I attended one held to galvanize grassroots leaders' efforts against the majority report of the Rules Committee. I was amazed at the level of intensity. This has nothing to do with securing the election for Romney and everything to do with ensuring the top spot can always be bought in the future.
In Tampa, delegations not unified for Romney, including Texas, were seated by the RNC as far away from the stage as possible. I am currently getting reports that grassroots champion Morton Blackwell's bus, along with the entire Virginia delegation, circled the arena until the Rules vote was over. Photos are surfacing of party insiders blocking delegates' microphones. Parliamentary procedure does not exist at this sham convention. Check out the resolution/Rules vote here at 1:00 and know that I personally saw the teleprompter read "The Aye's have it" BEFORE the delegation voted. (UPDATE: Just found this video on YouTube as proof.)
How did Team Romney and the RNC pull this off? Let me count the ways. Texas Republican Party Chairman Steve Munisteri's microphone was allegedly cut during the scripted Rules vote to prevent the delegation from calling for points of order or for a simple standing ("division") vote when the voice vote was obviously too close to call. Instead, massive screams from delegates for "Point of Order" were hijacked by insiders chanting "USA! USA!" In hindsight, these occurrences would make a fantastic study. Television audiences should be told that every time they heard the "USA" chants broadcast, it was to mask the voices of others. Such tactics were, in reality, as patriotic as The Patriot Act itself. As an American, I am embarrassed and saddened to see such Gestapo-style methods of suppression in my own country.
Texas National Delegate Jay Stang commented Monday on the proposed Rules change, "Anybody who has any sliver of independent thought or principle will be ejected as a delegate if they don't line up perfectly with the candidate. It's like a Stalinist purge." Keep in mind, national delegate selection occurs before the party has an official nominee. This will result in 100% support to nominate the front-runner, thereby making an RNC convention virtually unnecessary. Stang continued, "They'll get rid of anybody they don't like. So you would have a phenomenon where only the candidate's buddies, donors...would be delegates. There wouldn't be room for the grassroots."
Apparently the RNC is still not familiar with the CIA term "blowback"...for that is what they will get from this ultimate consolidation of power. Its army of doorknockers were just kicked out in the cold. Sure, they are consolidating the big money behind Romney and coaching donors how they can spread donations across state parties and the RNC in order to achieve six figure totals. If it is truly only about fundraising, Romney is in——and so are they. But at least half of the national RNC delegates this year walked away in disgust. What will be result? The GOP just slit its throat, disemboweled its base, all but ensured an Obama re-election, and hopefully a strong, limited government, pro-grassroots primary candidate in 2016.
Perhaps one of the most gratifying aspects of the convention is seeing the huge numbers of liberty delegates, stealth and declared, this year as compared to 2008. Legions of "stealth delegates" were coached by Team Romney people on how to frustrate the efforts of non-Romney delegates trying to speak or conduct business.
Politics is a crafty game, to be sure, and the stakes are high. This year it is so obviously Money vs. Ideology, they didn't even try to pretend otherwise. The "Death Tax" was discussed more than any other topic among elite Romney supporters. Prudent students of history will recognize the age-old pattern. When I get home, I plan to brush up on the French Revolution, maybe hit an oxygen bar or two, and try to recover from the "bread and circuses" stage show that was just fed to the world as a convention.
“Small men seeking great wealth or power have too often and too long turned even the highest offices of public service into mere personal opportunity.” - Barry Goldwater, 1964 RNC Nomination Acceptance Speech
“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” - Thomas Jefferson
More sources and explanations:
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Monday, June 04, 2012

Bloated Bureaucracy is No Life Raft for California’s Sinking Ship

The so-called California Cancer Research Act up soon for a vote is a misnomer. According to the measure, funds collected from California taxpayers are allowed to be spent researching elsewhere, including other countries. In an already bankrupt state, the $735 million projected to be raised yearly by this new tax will not help balance the budget or do a thing to pay down the $10 billion deficit.
Thanks to a loophole spotted by the career politician behind this measure, it also defies California’s constitutional amendment requiring a portion of all new taxes go to schools. Cleverly, Proposition 29 will shortchange schools out of more than $300 million per year!
Proposition 29 provides for money to be wasted on government agencies completely unrelated to cancer research. The State Controller’s Office, the Secretary for Environmental Protection, the State Water Resources Control Board, and the Financial Information System for California will all get a piece of the bloated pie.
Furthermore, the proposition dedicates up to $110 million a year to be spent on new buildings and facilities when California already has the finest research facilities in the world! It also duplicates existing tobacco control programs by parroting what California has already funded, but adds clone organizations run by an entirely new set of bureaucrats.
Of course, an additional $22 million a year will go toward tobacco-related law enforcement, not crimes with real victims like murder, robbery, or rape.
Some of the provisions for the massive overhead written into this proposition include $15 million a year for six political appointees’ travel, benefits, and salaries. They will have the sole authority, with no oversight, to spend taxpayer money until the end of time.
This measure sets out to prove that it pays big to be a political appointee. Taxpayers pick up the tab for the meetings they attend. The CEO reserves the right to appoint other people (i.e. personal friends) with no oversight and pay their huge salaries, too. There is no limit for how large this bureaucracy can grow!
Perhaps the most sickening part of this maniacal proposition is that the state’s governor or legislature is forbidden to make changes or correct problems within the organization’s bloated, taxpayer-funded bureaucracy for 15 years—even in instances of blatant waste, fraud, and abuse.
If the proposition is approved by voters on June 5, the committee will be able to operate under its own rules, changing them as frequently as desired. The language of the measure explicitly states that grants can go to the organizations that employ the committee members! In an effort to address conflicts of interest issues, the measure plainly admits that it was created to accommodate conflicts of interest! Check it out at
There are many reasons Californians should vote against Proposition 29. Its authors hope voters do not look past the childlike argument, “Cancer is bad. Tobacco is bad. Curing cancer is good.” A deeper look into the wording of the measure reveals its true intention—the same-old-same-old political backscratching that put California into bankruptcy in the first place.
To add insult to injury, the same guy who thought it would be a good idea to dump his fiancĂ©e, Sheryl Crow, when she was diagnosed with cancer is on the Board of Directors of this mess, California’s latest tax money laundering scam. Let’s hope the state’s voters wise up and vote against Lance Armstrong’s misleading Proposition 29.

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Letter to Dewhurst's Crook-in-Chief

When you and I first met in 2005, you underwhelmed me with your calculated "insider" answers to my sincere questions. Since then, the ever-typical Dewhurst performed a knee-jerk reaction to a minor incident, installing cumbersome metal detectors at every Capitol building entrance. This is just one sign of his big-government-is-the-answer-to-any-little-problem-mentality. The Texas Capitol is crawling with fine people who have their own weapons concealed and who want them to remain that way. They carry for the safety of others. Metal detectors are asinine in that proud Texas building.
Furthermore, The Dew personally gutted our grassroots effort to get the TSA and the DOJ out of our traveling clothes in Texas. He has a lot of nerve running as a conservative. Dewhurst is out of touch with Texans because he has never been in touch! We see who he really is; no amount of money will win him this election. His time is up, thank goodness!
Please count me in to donate to Dewhurst's opponent's campaign. Also, please remove me from your mailing list. I am a vocal part of the anybody-but-Dewhurst campaign. Go Ted Cruz!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Prop 29 Takes the Cake (Away) and Eats It Too

Eight years ago, those wild and crazy Californian voters passed yet another massive spending project, this time to generate $30 billion in bonds for stem-cell research. Dubbed Proposition 71, which stands for 7 billion taxpayer dollars for the hope of one ounce of cure, is just another reverse Robin Hood scheme—rob from the middle class to create a few more members of the nouveau riche. Yes, to say that the payout odds were 7-to-1 would be massively optimistic, and massively wrong—unless you’re on staff. Cha-ching!
Predictably, the project is currently steeped in controversy. With no accountability, the top of their food chain rakes in a killing while mismanaging tens of millions of borrowed dollars. For fun. To date, not even a hint of one of the promised miracle cures materialized. But then, it doesn’t have to...that is not part of the deal. No end result is required from the $30 billion in loans. It is research for a good cause, so pitch in and do your part. Stop asking questions. They’ve got golf club memberships to pay, after all.
That same line of thoughtless thinking in the same state that is financially sinking now pitches a new medical research proposition. On June 5, voters will decide whether or not to fund Proposition 29, a billion dollar tax hike. I can think of about a billion reasons to vote this crazy scheme down. One reason is that Robert Klein, the head cheese who pushed for Prop 71 (cha-ching!) just donated $5,000 of his own money to the Yes on Proposition 29 campaign. St. Robert the Research Dollar Generator should feel personally responsible for condemning California to debt, but he apparently feels absolved of any wrongdoing, for he is at it again.
Special Favors for Political Insiders
Like St. Robert’s pet stem-cell research project failure, Proposition 29 is also exempt from yearly oversight. If passed, it will have its funds continuously appropriated, not even pending good behavior. If it is riddled with waste, fraud, and abuse—and I bet you a box of Cuban cigars it will be—it will still get its dirty money. Butt out, Governor. Take a hike, Legislature. The Prop 29 people will do what they want with our tax dollars!
If you thought nepotism and cronyism only thrived in government, you should see what happens with co-opted California research dollars. A scant 15% of the forcibly confiscated funds made it to the outside, to institutions not represented by cronies on the board. $930 million stayed in their pockets. How do you say, like, “total conflicts of interest” with a California accent? Martha Stewart was thrown in the slammer for far less dirty insider dealing.
This is simply how the system works—insiders successfully game it because duped taxpayers continue to pay out. I suspect California voters are catching on, if only because they have nothing left to give. Another $735 million to be generated by Proposition 29 will be administered by a special panel stacked with political appointees. Cha-ching! Their decisions will be set in stone for 15 years, even if they are caught with their pants down in the name of cancer prevention.
Ballot box budgeting is a disaster. Prop 29 is just another drop in the bucket of California’s financial collapse. You can bet the farm on that!

Friday, April 13, 2012

When Lance is King of Texas, You Will Wish You Had Killed His Pet Projects Back in 2012

We live in a world where it is no longer enough to be Mr. Universe, then the wealthiest actor in Hollywood, then marry a hot news anchor from the Kennedy family. To be truly satisfied, apparently, one must knock a knowledgable accountant out of the race to fix your state's budget crisis, then sit on the Governor's throne, and then boink the maid. For the record, "Conan the Republican" left the California governatorship as a card-carrying liberal. I warned my friends working for his 2003 Total Recall campaign not to come crying to me when he sells them down the river. (They came crying to me anyway.) Every dark cloud has a silver lining, though; my accountant guy is now a Congressman named McClintock.

I don't think California would still be in such dire straits financially now if McClintock had been elected governor way back in 2003. Hindsight is 20/20? Not for me. It's foresight, if I could ever get anyone to listen!

But what do we care about California politics? We are snuggled safely in our Texas cocoon, comforted by a braggadocious budget surplus (take THAT, Cali!) and are far too savvy to allow Sacramento shenanigans in Austin...right?

Ah, but we live in a world where it's no longer enough to be a world-class athlete, then the wealthiest rider of two-wheeled contraptions on the planet, then engaged to a hot pop singer who happens to be the great-granddaughter of former Congressman Crow. To be truly satisfied, apparently, one must lobby for tax increases and new regulations across the country in the name of fighting cancer, then wait for the right election "cycle" to knock out Slick Rick, then ditch the famous fiancĂ© just as she is diagnosed with cancer—as if it is contagious.

Oh, whaddya know! Here comes Tour de Lance racing toward the Congress Avenue finish line in his three-piece suit, looking very gubernatorial! What a twist! Didn't see that coming!

Actually, if you are reading this, you did.

With the regulatory and oppressive record King Lance would give us, I am frankly surprised that those yellow Livestrong bands weren't styled to fit a bit higher on the arm, say, around the bicep.

Armstrong is currently co-chair of a California campaign committee to pass Proposition 29, the so-called California Cancer Research Act, a misleading ballot measure Californians will (hopefully) vote down on June 5, 2012. If passed, the measure is projected to confiscate well over $500 million dollars annually for bureaucratic government use by levying an additional $1-per-pack tax on tobacco products in already smokeless California. Revenues will also be spent on government-appointed smoking-cessation programs and on more criminal-making tobacco law enforcement. Yes, we are all pretending that Californians are solvent and can stomach another burdensome tax, more bureaucratic oversight into private business, and more crowding in prisons for victimless crimes.

Ask yourself: why does Mr. L.A. care so much about the taxes in L.A.? I thought all he wants to do is have some fun! I am sure his heart is in the right place, but he is fooling himself to dream that "the cure" for cancer will magically be discovered by a state government who has spent itself out of existence. It's just smoke and mirrors!

California itself is dying of the cancer of greed, mismanagement, and burdensome taxation. Its demise will be epic if extreme measures are not taken. My first suggestion is for Californians to NOT pass this current extreme measure, this new tax called Prop 29.

Call your friends in California and warn them about the taxes that are still spreading like cancer. If you don't, we could be fighting an uphill battle with a flat bike tire here in Texas. Team Lance is quick, conditioned, well-funded, and very good at winning races. Foresight is 20/20.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Liberty Movement Needs Female Marketers

Here's my response to this article titled Liberty for Ladies by Bonnie Kristian in the Daily Caller:

It sounds like the male-dominated liberty movement needs to hire some female marketing professionals to make the conceptual case to women for Austrian economics, non-interventionist foreign policy including American Military History 101, and the private charity track record vs. socialized welfare. Intellectually, I support these and other libertarian concepts but do not enjoy getting bogged down in detailed minutia about economics and warfare tactics. I have a marketing mind, not an engineering mind. Attention men: help me help you make the case for liberty to American women before they re-elect Obama or Obama-lite.

Friday, March 09, 2012

"The Trespass Bill" H.R. 347

UPDATE: Obama signed this tyrannical bill into law on Thursday, March 8. As if hopping the White House fence or breaking into the Vice President's mansion wasn't already illegal, this law makes it a federal offense to act "disorderly" or "disruptive" at any function of national significance where the Secret Service is present, near any government building, or near anyone who is under protection by the Secret Service. The descriptors are vague and will be enforced randomly and per the arresting officer's own discretion. The penalty for such loud or unruly conduct near anything or anyone of significance to the government is a prison sentence of up to ten years. This reminds me of the people who got arrested in the Lincoln Memorial for breaking out into spontaneous dancing. The level of absurdity we have reached as a regulation state has caused this otherwise patriotic American to snap. I am officially deranged and fully anticipate a lifetime of prison for the disruptive behavior I will most likely employ in the future.

Oddly, I didn't notice any mainstream media outlets mentioning this new law. Coverage of the bill in question was scant and relegated to right-leaning or libertarian-sympathizing outlets. FYI This law already existed but was reintroduced in the House and amended, presumably any protections offered by the First Amendment were removed. Only three Congressmen voted against it in the first round of voting. Congressman Ellison changed his vote in the second round to oppose it. Apparently it passed unanimously in the Senate. I have not verified if Senator Rand Paul was present that day. No voting record in the Senate is paired with its version of the bill.

So the four Congressmen who have escaped the guillotine on this one are: Republicans Justin Amash of WI, Paul Braun of GA, and Ron Paul of TX, and Democrat Keith Ellison of MN voted for it before he voted against it.

Here are the screenshots of the bill:

Check out my Twitterfeed on the tirade. A congressman I really like (who abstained on the votes) responded to me via Twitter that the bill is not tyranny. So the removal of our freedom to protest "near" the President, "near" elected officials, or "near" any event the Secret Service protects is just fine by the Constitution?

Passage of this bill is as near-sighted and sinister (supposedly an answer to the Occupy Movement) as was The Patriot Act (supposedly an answer to 9/11) in that they have resulted in the confiscation of our Constitutional rights. It is my opinion that we officially have an illegitimate government. If given the opportunity to send the offenders to the guillotine, I would not hesitate to do so. In an effort to convert a few without bloodshed, I would offer them the option (pre-guillotine) between tar and feather or public flogging and then strictly monitor their voting record for a probationary period. This gesture is more grace than they deserve for their crimes of high treason, treachery and tyranny. You can bet that it is more grace than we will receive if we shout or dance in proximity of anyone they know or plan to meet.

Off with their heads!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Salute the New Camouflaged Warriors in the Grand Old Party

Conservative Republican values—I remember them well from my rural, independently-minded Idaho upbringing: limited government, personal liberty and responsibility, fiscal restraint, and respect for human life, right? As proof of my dyed-in-the-wool Republican childhood, Reagan’s portrait had such a prominent place on my family’s mantle I always assumed he was one of our uncles. When George W. Bush changed his address to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I was squarely in the middle of a growing young voter demographic. That’s when I got to know the heavy-hitting Grand Old Republicans in the behemoth states of California and Texas.

It has since taken me a decade to realize that the GOP is run by three types of people: busy-bodied heifers who dominate others through gossip and intimidation, their emasculated sidekicks who meekly fall in line, and shrewd business people who have figured out how to game the system for personal profit, prestige or, if they’re exceptionally shrewd, both.

Try as I might over the years to recruit fresh blood to the Republican Party, the mighty missing alpha males with their well-toned leadership abilities and hearts full of devotion to our country were invariably engaged in more noble, rewarding pursuits. It seemed the guys and gals who could turn the GOP and the country around were deployed overseas, hunting deer at the ranch, raising strong sons, running a business, or throwing a football with friends. Heroes like this have better things to do than dedicate countless nights and beautiful weekends to GOP meeting minutia. Over time, I abandoned my goal to change the GOP from within by introducing pure-hearted, limited government, common sense warriors. I then picked up a few hobbies of my own that did not result in me beating my head against the wall in a room full of mean heifers and girlie men manipulating Robert’s Rules of Order to their advantage.

Cue the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2012. By this stage in my political exposure to the GOPandemic, I knew I was witnessing the party of Uncle Reagan flatline. Mitt Romney of Taxachusetts is your pick? Really, CPAC? Congratulations. Your brand is officially ruined. Thanks for driving the stake through my party’s undead corpse.

Dejected does not begin to describe how I felt when I realized I wasted my twenties as a GOP activist. I wondered if I was the only longtime Republican who had chosen to swallow the Truth Pill in spite of its permanent side effects.

Imagine my delight this President’s Day when I found myself among 544 impressive military members and veterans excited to enlist in Republican politics! My heart soared as Veterans for Ron Paul marched in step toward Chancellor Obama’s pretty white palace, chanting for serious reform in deep-voiced unison. “End this War!” and “Legalize the Constitution!” reverberated like cannon fire off the cheerless government buildings. Upon reaching the Presidential gates, they promptly did an about face and stood in formation with their backs to the Commander-in-Chief’s residence, silently saluting the servicemen lost to war and suicide under his administration.

The Veterans for Ron Paul’s mission is to galvanize tens of thousands of their comrades standing for peace and liberty and march them to the Republican National Convention (RNC) 2012 in Tampa. This organic veterans’ movement is noteworthy due to its leaderless leadership. It grows by word-of-mouth and is assisted by social media outlets. It has no non-profit status or mailing address. It doesn’t even have a real website. Yet, Veterans for Paul are everywhere and are poised to infuse the Republican party with good-old-fashioned American reform that would make our founders proud.

It’s a shame that the same people we send off to fight foreign wars must return only to do battle with the political machine to save their country and revive the GOP.

Ron Paul is the clear choice of the troops. They both oppose the endless wars that have bankrupted our nation. Dr. Paul represents the real Republican Party, old school style. Liberty is indeed popular and his message resonates with young and old, rich and poor, military and civilian. Fortunately, he’s bringing back into the GOP fold real leaders with sound philosophies concerning the proper role of government. The fresh faces are idealistic, to be sure, but they also have iron wills, strong stomachs and are battle-hardened thanks to our misguided policies.

Mean heifers, girlie men and shrewd opportunists be forewarned: you’re about to get some serious camo-wearing competition.


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Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Don't Confuse Me For a Dirty Hippie." Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops

If you heard about the recent march on The White House by 544 veterans for Ron Paul and their family and friends, chances are you've seen Zak Carter's handiwork. As the man charged with media and promotion, he personally handed press releases on the event to various mainstream media outlets. A few of them even covered it.

The rally and march were impressive and triggered mixed emotions. The veterans were elated that Ron Paul's ideas are getting so much traction. They're devastated for their fallen comrades, their families, and for the sacrifices active duty military members continue to make overseas without, they feel, true moral imperatives.

The reality of senseless and endless war must be weighing heavily on returning soldiers. The veterans for Ron Paul stood at attention for more than eight minutes with their backs turned toward Chancellor Obama's District of Criminals' residence. The time spent saluting represented one second for each active duty military member who has committed suicide while Obama was their commander-in-chief.

I don't know if you've ever held your arm in the air for eight consecutive minutes, but it ain't easy. Veterans from the Korean War stood next to active duty military members. Both walked with similar limps. Both helped each other march in formation, working through the pain. Both care enough about our country's future that they made it a point to take a public stand in a highly surveilled city.

Zak Carter served his country by deploying to Kosovo and also to Iraq. He had three years of active duty in the Army with an honorable discharge, followed by four years as a Reservist, before he was kicked out of the Army for endorsing Ron Paul and his foreign policy in his military uniform on YouTube.

I spoke with Zak about the conversion process he went through between willingly following Army orders while deployed and realizing the extent of the foreign policy disasters he helped create. He said that he first started to "wake up" on the way home from serving in Iraq. He landed in an America airport and was met by the TSA, only to be treated like a common criminal.

After that humiliation, he began to learn about the situation on our Southern border with Mexico. Familiar with border security procedures while patrolling the Macedonia / Kosovo border, he was shocked to learn that the rules of engagement change when it it our own troops defending our own border. It made no sense to him that our military stationed on the border is issued no ammunition, must retreat when fired upon, and does not have the authority to apprehend anyone. They are simply sitting ducks in what is arguably a war zone. Yes, our federal military personnel is not allowed to enforce the laws of the land. (Posse Comitatus Act) Yet, Zak realized, the Border Patrol, the FBI, the DEA, and many other federal law enforcement agencies have free reign on the border. The difference seemed negligible. 'We're all paid by the same guy," Zak said.

The straw that broke this young man's back was when Zak's wife showed him this video on YouTube. "It forced me to look at everything I'd done in Kosovo and Iraq. I couldn't pretend anymore." he said.

Zak believes former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker when he says that if we don't get our spending and entitlements under control, the United States will be in the throes of another Great Depression by 2016 or 2017. In his own words: "We need Ron Paul. He’s the only one addressing these issues. He doesn’t want to keep papering over the problems. I loved being a soldier. I miss it. The friends that I made are more than friends--they’re brothers and I love every one of them. Many are still active, almost all of them support Ron Paul. They stay in the service because of our brothers, and don’t want them to go into harm’s way without being there for them. It’s a voluntary army, yes, but that doesn’t mean we agree with the missions. We’re not anti-war hippies because we support Ron Paul. Do NOT confuse me for being a hippie!"

For information about the upcoming march and rally at the RNC in Tampa this August, check out or

Friday, January 27, 2012

No Confidence in Eric Holder Except Possibly in a Jail Cell

January 27, 2012

Federal Affairs
Gun Owners of America
Rep. Gosar Continues to Push “No Confidence” in Holder Resolution

Attorney General Eric Holder -- recently caught lying under oath concerning his knowledge of his department’s Fast and Furious program -- may be moving a step closer to the inside of a jail cell.

On Thursday, February 2nd, Chairman Darrell Issa’s Committee on Oversight and Government Reform will hold another hearing on the disastrous Fast and Furious operation.

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar, a member of that committee, is also pushing a resolution of “no confidence” in Holder’s management -- or lack of management -- of the Justice Department.

That resolution, H. Res. 490, provides a course of action for the momentum generated by that hearing.

H. Res. 490 finds that, as a result of “Holder’s failure to properly control, monitor, or establish Operation Fast and Furious, it is likely Mexican nationals were killed or wounded by weapons sold through this scheme” -- and that the victims of Holder’s incompetence included U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

It goes on to resolve that the House has “lost confidence” in Holder, which is, basically, a call for him to resign.

Clearly, the Justice Department believes it can stonewall Issa’s inquiry and bully its way through questions concerning its criminal malfeasance. Adoption of the Gosar resolution would make it much, much more difficult to do so.

ACTION: Contact your Representative and urge him or her to cosponsor H.Res. 490. Click here to send a prewritten message to your Rep.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Mitt Romney's Face Tells All. Is he George H.W. Bush 2.0?

Does America want what Romney has? What would he be like as President? Who is he, deep down inside? How can one understand where he is coming from? A peek at his face hints at the answers...

Mitt Romney is expressive and mentally quick. He processes information rapidly and has a “get it done now” approach. He is initially optimistic but may become antagonistic if criticized. He is an unconventional thinker whose thoughts range over many areas. He can truly see all sides of an issue. Romney can sense potential problems immediately and is very connected between his inner feelings and outer logic; he is highly intuitive. He has a powerful intellect, thinks constantly, and he easily grasps whole concepts. He has a wide variety of interests. Romney is pragmatic and objective. He is not easily discouraged and possesses resilience under stress, even though he is prone to burnout due to overwork. He truly does have a sense of fairness and justice. He is solid and dependable, has good business sense and is not gullible. He speaks with authority on financial matters and focuses on generating cash flow. Romney maintains a good balance between his public and personal life. He is generally a patient listener. He puts a lot of pressure on himself to respond to issues quickly without making mistakes. My advice is that he ease up a bit on himself; I do see that he is often burnt out.

Mitt Romney hates to be wrong, loves to debate, and holds himself to impossibly high standards. He is brilliant in his field and has worked hard to develop his mental abilities. He has strong perfectionist tendencies and also assigns himself difficult responsibilities. Romney most likely assumes too much responsibility and should learn to relax a little more often. He has a wide variety of interests; I suggest he develop an interest into an enjoyable hobby. (Campaigning should NOT count! PatriotWriter suggests he abandon running for president as a hobby. He should probably join a Harvard crew team instead.)

Interestingly, Romney may have experienced a lack of attention/appreciation in childhood and therefore needs to know that he is desirable. Let his wife take note! Romney probably owes some of his professional successes--and failures--to his obstinate nature. He doesn’t expect life to be gentle or kind and he steels himself to face the world and braces himself for adversity. He possesses natural self-confidence. He takes losses on the chin, so to speak. If Mitt Romney was an animal, he would be a tiger.

Probably one of the most charming things about Romney is his “big picture” outlook. He has a lot of global understanding regarding the relationship of things to each other. He has developed this broader perspective due to his life experience, unlike Santorum whose thoughts are more narrow. He is not easily intimidated and does not back away from a challenge.

Even though he may seem calm and relaxed on the outside, Romney is always constantly evaluating everything--much like George H.W. Bush. He is also reflective, reserved, cautious, and observant. He has a logical work style and is a long-range planner. He differs from Bush, Sr. in that he has a naturally powerful presence. No one wants to argue with his alpha male power jaw and authoritative eyebrows. He is perceived by others as a strong, courageous leader. He is, however, cool and calculating and does hold many secrets. Don’t expect him to open up on some topics. He mistrusts flattery, is reserved, and slow to trust. When he is warmed up, though, he is a good communicator with a wry sense of humor. In conclusion, he has a more powerful presence that Bush, Sr. but is actually quite similar to him in approach. His presidency would probably be similar to #41’s but he would probably have an easier time making allies for his causes than did Bush.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Real Santorum is Written on His Face

Who is Rick Santorum? Want to know more about him than what his mouth or record says? Who is this guy, anyway? How does he think, not just what? The answers are literally written all over his face.

In my studied opinion, Rick Santorum thinks in a logical, step-by-step process and has trouble taking in information if it is presented too quickly or out of sequence. He does not think well under pressure--he becomes overwhelmed and shuts down. If he feels forced to rush, he is afraid he will miss something. He genuinely wants to “do it right” and takes his time to get there. When he does learn something, he retains it forever. He may like to make big plans but possibly lacks followthrough. He is not easily discouraged and possesses resilience under stress. In general, he embraces rules and regulations and becomes immobilized if rules are not followed. Santorum prefers to operate within the known systems.

He possesses balance in his personal life in that he appreciates the closeness of his wife and children but also needs his own, independent identity and space. His professional life is a different story, however. He must maintain extreme focus at all times and must not be distracted from the task at hand. His internal agenda is more real to him than anything in the world. This is a very dangerous trait! He sees things as black or white, masculine or feminine. Professionally, he is impatient, overly-critical and extremely sensitive as a result of pushing himself too hard in furthering his career. This tends to make him ill-natured at times. He can become very feisty when he feels he is backed into a corner. He prefers to direct others and delegate work and enjoys seeing his superior plans implemented and appreciated by others. Santorum prefers to work independently and dislikes anyone looking over his shoulder, including reporters and the public.

He may have received little emotional and/or financial support earlier in life and feels he owes his success thus far to pulling himself up by his own bootstraps. Yet, he still feels as if he has not quite found his niche in life. He has a great deal of fear in his personal life which comes from an attitude that he never has enough, financially speaking. He can be emotionally generous with his family but is still very fiscally conservative with them. He has suffered some serious emotional disappointments both personally and professionally. Some of the sad lines on his face were probably the result of the loss of one of his children, and also his lost re-election bid to the Senate.

In conclusion, Santorum is comfortable with the established norm, the status quo, and he asks others to abide by it while pursuing his own internal agenda based on his view of the world. He is committed to his ideals. He identifies with Mr. Spock of Star Trek in his no-nonsense approach to life, yet his mind is not overly developed. He knows a little bit about very few different subjects. I suggest he quit campaigning for a big new job and start a business in the private sector--like founding a superior sports program for cyberhomeschooled kids. In doing so, he could enhance the standing of his worldview for future generations as well as delegate the implementation of his vision to a likeminded staff. Such a sport league probably needs the skills that this out-of-work lawyer-politician can give.