Monday, January 09, 2012

Mitt Romney's Face Tells All. Is he George H.W. Bush 2.0?

Does America want what Romney has? What would he be like as President? Who is he, deep down inside? How can one understand where he is coming from? A peek at his face hints at the answers...

Mitt Romney is expressive and mentally quick. He processes information rapidly and has a “get it done now” approach. He is initially optimistic but may become antagonistic if criticized. He is an unconventional thinker whose thoughts range over many areas. He can truly see all sides of an issue. Romney can sense potential problems immediately and is very connected between his inner feelings and outer logic; he is highly intuitive. He has a powerful intellect, thinks constantly, and he easily grasps whole concepts. He has a wide variety of interests. Romney is pragmatic and objective. He is not easily discouraged and possesses resilience under stress, even though he is prone to burnout due to overwork. He truly does have a sense of fairness and justice. He is solid and dependable, has good business sense and is not gullible. He speaks with authority on financial matters and focuses on generating cash flow. Romney maintains a good balance between his public and personal life. He is generally a patient listener. He puts a lot of pressure on himself to respond to issues quickly without making mistakes. My advice is that he ease up a bit on himself; I do see that he is often burnt out.

Mitt Romney hates to be wrong, loves to debate, and holds himself to impossibly high standards. He is brilliant in his field and has worked hard to develop his mental abilities. He has strong perfectionist tendencies and also assigns himself difficult responsibilities. Romney most likely assumes too much responsibility and should learn to relax a little more often. He has a wide variety of interests; I suggest he develop an interest into an enjoyable hobby. (Campaigning should NOT count! PatriotWriter suggests he abandon running for president as a hobby. He should probably join a Harvard crew team instead.)

Interestingly, Romney may have experienced a lack of attention/appreciation in childhood and therefore needs to know that he is desirable. Let his wife take note! Romney probably owes some of his professional successes--and failures--to his obstinate nature. He doesn’t expect life to be gentle or kind and he steels himself to face the world and braces himself for adversity. He possesses natural self-confidence. He takes losses on the chin, so to speak. If Mitt Romney was an animal, he would be a tiger.

Probably one of the most charming things about Romney is his “big picture” outlook. He has a lot of global understanding regarding the relationship of things to each other. He has developed this broader perspective due to his life experience, unlike Santorum whose thoughts are more narrow. He is not easily intimidated and does not back away from a challenge.

Even though he may seem calm and relaxed on the outside, Romney is always constantly evaluating everything--much like George H.W. Bush. He is also reflective, reserved, cautious, and observant. He has a logical work style and is a long-range planner. He differs from Bush, Sr. in that he has a naturally powerful presence. No one wants to argue with his alpha male power jaw and authoritative eyebrows. He is perceived by others as a strong, courageous leader. He is, however, cool and calculating and does hold many secrets. Don’t expect him to open up on some topics. He mistrusts flattery, is reserved, and slow to trust. When he is warmed up, though, he is a good communicator with a wry sense of humor. In conclusion, he has a more powerful presence that Bush, Sr. but is actually quite similar to him in approach. His presidency would probably be similar to #41’s but he would probably have an easier time making allies for his causes than did Bush.


Rebecca said...

Enjoyed this and the Santorum piece. Great job!

Daniel said...

This is an interesting post, and I see that you have written one about Santorum as well. Do you have any intention to write one about Ron Paul?