Monday, March 12, 2012

The Liberty Movement Needs Female Marketers

Here's my response to this article titled Liberty for Ladies by Bonnie Kristian in the Daily Caller:

It sounds like the male-dominated liberty movement needs to hire some female marketing professionals to make the conceptual case to women for Austrian economics, non-interventionist foreign policy including American Military History 101, and the private charity track record vs. socialized welfare. Intellectually, I support these and other libertarian concepts but do not enjoy getting bogged down in detailed minutia about economics and warfare tactics. I have a marketing mind, not an engineering mind. Attention men: help me help you make the case for liberty to American women before they re-elect Obama or Obama-lite.

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Jim McGaugh said...

Priscella, I read yours and the Daily Caller article. Keep in mind that I am a man and by no means think I understand a woman's thinking. Seems to me that the "women are natural socialist" plays a big part in the thinking of most women that are still asleep. In my rounds over the years I have noticed that women who have taken ownership of their own safety are more libertarian oriented. I have always been a big gun enthusiast and women in that arena are far more interested in protecting our liberties. I think it stems from the realization that they might have to kill someone to protect someone. Then the leap to all the principles in the Daily Caller article is a small one for them.
Just my two cents.