Friday, March 09, 2012

"The Trespass Bill" H.R. 347

UPDATE: Obama signed this tyrannical bill into law on Thursday, March 8. As if hopping the White House fence or breaking into the Vice President's mansion wasn't already illegal, this law makes it a federal offense to act "disorderly" or "disruptive" at any function of national significance where the Secret Service is present, near any government building, or near anyone who is under protection by the Secret Service. The descriptors are vague and will be enforced randomly and per the arresting officer's own discretion. The penalty for such loud or unruly conduct near anything or anyone of significance to the government is a prison sentence of up to ten years. This reminds me of the people who got arrested in the Lincoln Memorial for breaking out into spontaneous dancing. The level of absurdity we have reached as a regulation state has caused this otherwise patriotic American to snap. I am officially deranged and fully anticipate a lifetime of prison for the disruptive behavior I will most likely employ in the future.

Oddly, I didn't notice any mainstream media outlets mentioning this new law. Coverage of the bill in question was scant and relegated to right-leaning or libertarian-sympathizing outlets. FYI This law already existed but was reintroduced in the House and amended, presumably any protections offered by the First Amendment were removed. Only three Congressmen voted against it in the first round of voting. Congressman Ellison changed his vote in the second round to oppose it. Apparently it passed unanimously in the Senate. I have not verified if Senator Rand Paul was present that day. No voting record in the Senate is paired with its version of the bill.

So the four Congressmen who have escaped the guillotine on this one are: Republicans Justin Amash of WI, Paul Braun of GA, and Ron Paul of TX, and Democrat Keith Ellison of MN voted for it before he voted against it.

Here are the screenshots of the bill:

Check out my Twitterfeed on the tirade. A congressman I really like (who abstained on the votes) responded to me via Twitter that the bill is not tyranny. So the removal of our freedom to protest "near" the President, "near" elected officials, or "near" any event the Secret Service protects is just fine by the Constitution?

Passage of this bill is as near-sighted and sinister (supposedly an answer to the Occupy Movement) as was The Patriot Act (supposedly an answer to 9/11) in that they have resulted in the confiscation of our Constitutional rights. It is my opinion that we officially have an illegitimate government. If given the opportunity to send the offenders to the guillotine, I would not hesitate to do so. In an effort to convert a few without bloodshed, I would offer them the option (pre-guillotine) between tar and feather or public flogging and then strictly monitor their voting record for a probationary period. This gesture is more grace than they deserve for their crimes of high treason, treachery and tyranny. You can bet that it is more grace than we will receive if we shout or dance in proximity of anyone they know or plan to meet.

Off with their heads!

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FreeMartinNow said...

Just curious, who's the congressman? Hope you don't still like him.

Just thinking, the SS protects the FRNs right? So, does that mean that we also can't protest if we have cash on our person?