Monday, May 21, 2012

My Letter to Dewhurst's Crook-in-Chief

When you and I first met in 2005, you underwhelmed me with your calculated "insider" answers to my sincere questions. Since then, the ever-typical Dewhurst performed a knee-jerk reaction to a minor incident, installing cumbersome metal detectors at every Capitol building entrance. This is just one sign of his big-government-is-the-answer-to-any-little-problem-mentality. The Texas Capitol is crawling with fine people who have their own weapons concealed and who want them to remain that way. They carry for the safety of others. Metal detectors are asinine in that proud Texas building.
Furthermore, The Dew personally gutted our grassroots effort to get the TSA and the DOJ out of our traveling clothes in Texas. He has a lot of nerve running as a conservative. Dewhurst is out of touch with Texans because he has never been in touch! We see who he really is; no amount of money will win him this election. His time is up, thank goodness!
Please count me in to donate to Dewhurst's opponent's campaign. Also, please remove me from your mailing list. I am a vocal part of the anybody-but-Dewhurst campaign. Go Ted Cruz!

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