Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gun Control's Sitting Ducks: Poor Californians Should Take a Cue from Texas

WASHINGTON, February 24, 2013 — Joe Biden’s shotgun home defense tips could go down in history as the most irresponsible comments in the 2013 gun control debate. The “fire blindly at scary shadows” tactic only works to craft your legal defense as to why you shot your lover through the bathroom door, or to explain why, as a law enforcement officer, you just shot an elderly woman delivering the newspaper.
Joe’s advice to his wife could very well get her killed. If she ever does manage to fire the double barrel .12 gauge shotgun “twice” at the scary noises in the woods, misses them, and they happen to be armed, poor Jill will be an easy target – especially if she is knocked unconscious by her weapon’s mighty recoil. Let’s all pray she never has to make that decision.
The common thread that runs through the gun control debate and these individual examples of firearms abuse is fear. A novice gun owner would fire upon an unidentified target if gripped with fear. The police shoot first and identify later when they are afraid for their lives and value their lives over yours. Gun control activists and lawmakers fight for increased restrictions because they are afraid they might be killed in their sleep by a burglar with an unregistered or scary-looking gun.
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Doug said...

Well said, KJ! Chris Nandor (aka Pudge) and I were just talking the other day about guns and fear. Those of who own guns and value the 2nd amendment are categorized as "gun nuts" holding on to our guns in fear.

In reality, it is those who have had no training or exposure to guns who needlessly fear them. They, like Biden, offer the worst advice and (naturally) have the worst "solutions" to gun violence.

And great pic! The NRA should make a poster out of that. LOL.